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    Registration will be open from February 5th - March 31st, 2024.

    To help ensure a place for your student in your school of choice, we ask all families to register by March 31st. Registrations submitted in April and beyond will be accepted but will not be able to guarantee placement in your first choice of school. 

    Download a PDF of the FAQs:  English | Spanish

    How do I register my child for Grand Island Public Schools?

    • All students, whether first-time attendees or returners, must be registered online for school. 
    • Registration may be through ParentVUE which may be completed at: www.gips.org/registration
    • First-Time GIPS Families will need to create an account in ParentVue in order to register your child for school. 
    • Online registration forms must be completed for each student enrolling in GIPS. 
    • “How-To” videos in both English and Spanish may be found on the gips.org/registration page as well. 

    What do I need to complete online registration?

    Once you have access to your ParentVUE account, you will need the following things to complete online registration:

    • Student’s Certified Birth Certificate (or Notarized Affidavit/Passport/Visa/Permanent Resident Card)
    • Emergency Contact Phone Number(s)
    • Previous Schools’ Addresses and Phone Numbers (if applicable)
    • Custodial Documentation (if applicable) 

    Why do I need to register by March 31st?

    No child who lives in the school district boundaries will ever be turned away from GIPS. However, after March 31st we will not be able to guarantee placement in your first choice of school due to high enrollment numbers and building capacities. Our primary goal is to pair each student with their neighborhood Elementary or Middle School. We will work to make that a reality as much as we can until capacity limits are reached at grade and/or building levels.


    How do I know what Middle School my child should register for?

    Your child will be paired with the “feeder school” that is paired with the Elementary School your child completed 5th Grade in. 

    Barr Middle School:

      • Dodge Elementary

      • Seedling Mile Elementary

      • Starr Elementary

      • Stolley Park Elementary

      • Wasmer Elementary 

    Walnut Middle School:

      • Howard Elementary

      • Jefferson Elementary

      • Lincoln Elementary

      • Newell Elementary

      • West Lawn Elementary


      • Engleman Elementary

      • Gates Elementary

      • Knickrehm Elementary

      • Shoemaker Elementary

    How do I request a different school for my child than my neighborhood option?

    • Families may complete a Special Transfer Request Form which is available on www.gips.org/registration.
    • Special transfer requests will be reviewed by July and all families and students will be notified by the school of acceptance or denial. 

    May I register my child if I currently live outside the city limits and would like my child to attend Grand Island Public Schools?


    Families that live outside the city limits but wish to enroll their child in GIPS may reach out directly to Christine Kolar at the Kneale Administration Building:

    What are the next steps after I submit my registration?

    • Online registrations will be reviewed by your enrolling school one child at a time.
    • You will receive an email with the status of your child’s enrollment status along with next steps. 
    • If you are registering more than one student, there will be a delay between status updates on each child. There may be instances when the school will need additional information to accept your application and you will be notified accordingly.


    If you need assistance with your child's enrollment after reviewing the information on this page, please contact your enrolling school or reach out to GIPS directly.