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    When the pandemic hit, Grand Island Public Schools had to reimagine education.

    Like so many school districts around the globe, ours wasn’t immune to COVID-19, which touched households, classrooms and budget lines — and everything in between. 

    Over the past year, GIPS has reconsidered project and initiative itineraries. With the pandemic’s economic impacts creating an unprecedented environment for PK-12 education, GIPS is proactively repurposing its resources to ensure students are on track to thrive.

    The pandemic was undoubtedly a disruption, but it never stopped GIPS from upholding its mission of Every Student, Every Day, A Success! 

    The runway is set for GIPS On Track to Thrive 2025, which will be engineered around student-centered shifts, resource alignment and will shape an equitable path forward that will leave us better and stronger than ever. 

    Join us as we prepare to take flight.

    English | Spanish (coming soon)

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