GIPS Handbook


    Students prepared to make positive contributions to society and thrive in an ever-changing world.


    Every Student, Every Day, A Success! In educating students, we teach hearts as well as minds.


    Within the school district of Grand Island:

    • Every student will be taught to read, write and communicate effectively; solve problems; acquire and apply knowledge; and demonstrate mastery through performance to the best of the student’s abilities;
    • Every student will be treated with fairness and dignity;
    • Every student will be honored for their unique qualities and backgrounds;
    • Every student will experience a sense of belonging, contribution and success; and
    • Every student will develop responsibility and show respect for others as well as oneself.

    In educating students, we teach hearts as well as minds.

    2023-2024 Handbook: ENGLISH | SPANISH 

    This handbook is to be used by students, parents, and staff as a guide to the rules, regulations, and general information about Grand Island Public Schools. Each student is responsible for becoming familiar with the handbook and knowing the information contained in it. Parents are encouraged to use this handbook as a resource and to assist their child in following the rules contained in this handbook.

    Although the information found in this handbook is detailed and specific on many topics, the handbook is not intended to be all encompassing so as to cover every situation and circumstance that may arise during any school day, or school year. The administration reserves the right to make decisions and make rule revisions at any time to implement the educational program and to assure the well being of all students. The administration will be responsible for interpreting the rules contained in the handbook. Should a situation or circumstance arise that is not specifically covered in this handbook, the administration will make a decision based upon all applicable school district policies and state and federal statutes and regulations.

    For a complete list of all GIPS policies, visit the Policy section.



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