• Strong and consistent evidence demonstrates that participation in high-quality early learning programs can lead to both short and long-term positive outcomes for all children. Grand Island Public Schools provides early childhood education starting at birth through kindergarten. 

    The mission of the GIPS Early Development Network is to enhance the development of children with disabilities by providing an array of family-centered services to meet their individual needs. The Early Development Network is a partnership between Grand Island Public Schools, and other community organizations who work with children and families to provide early intervention services for children ages birth to 5 years of age that are voluntary and free.  

    If you have questions about your child's development at any step from birth to age five, we are here to help. Once you contact the Early Development Network (GIPS - 308-385-5900, ext. 220), a services coordinator and primary coach will be assigned to your team and will set up a time to meet with you in your home. Your team will be available to answer any questions you may have. A plan for assessing your child will be discussed and developed with you. An evaluation team consisting of professionals within the school district (including yourself, your services coordinator and your primary coach) will determine if your child meets state eligibility guidelines for free and appropriate early intervention services and education.

    The Grand Island Public Schools Preschool Program is dedicated to providing three to five-year-old children with a foundation for school success. Our preschool program provides a nurturing and caring environment that develops each child’s potential for learning through a balanced approach, which includes age-appropriate, individually-appropriate, and culturally and linguistically-appropriate practices. 

    The GIPS Preschool program uses a locally designed curriculum. The curriculum aligns with the Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines and Teaching Strategies GOLD objectives and sets targets for learning in all areas of development: social-emotional, fine and gross motor, language, cognitive, literacy, and math. Staff develop play-based learning opportunities that foster the development of the whole child through teacher-led large and small group activities. Staff embed and create connections to learning during child-led parts of the preschool day, encouraging children’s natural curiosity and drawing on the philosophy that children learn and retain knowledge best through personal experiences.  

    Grand Island Public Preschool program uses the Pyramid Model to support all students.

    Additional resources that support the curriculum includes Handwriting without Tears, Second Step, Paths, Scholastic Big Day, Creative Curriculum, and Wonders and Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines 3-5.