Healthy School Fundraising

  • Why should GIPS schools avoid food-related fund-raisers?

    Students’ lifelong eating habits are greatly influenced by the types of foods and beverages available to them.

    When unhealthy foods are sold “for a good cause,” students may think that such foods are a normal, healthy part of a balanced diet. However, cookies and candy have little, if any, nutritional value, and using them in fund-raisers contributes to poor eating habits. Schools should, instead, encourage truly healthy eating habits by avoiding things like candy sales, as well as other unhealthy food-related fund-raisers.

    Fundraisers that support academics:

    • Read-a-thon
    • Science fair
    • Spelling Bee
    • Workshops or classes of interest

    Fundraisers that support the arts:

    • Art show
    • Concerts
    • Dances
    • Play and musicals
    • Talent show
    • Singing telegrams
    • Rent-a-band or rent-a-choir

    Fundraisers that support physical activity:

    • Walk-a-thon
    • Bike-a-thon
    • Jump-rope-a-thon
    • 10k run
    • Fun run
    • Golf, tennis, horseshoe, or other sport tournament
    • Bowling or skate night
    • Sports camps or clinics

    Items you can sell:

    • Candles
    • Gift wrap, boxes, bags, Greeting Cards
    • Magazine subscriptions
    • Coupon books or cards
    • Holiday wreaths / Mistletoe
    • Gift certificates
    • Cookbooks
    • Balloons / Decorations
    • T-shirts and sweatshirts
    • Books / Calendars
    • Buttons and pins
    • Christmas ornaments
    • Emergency kits for cars
    • School spirit gear
    • Plants, flowers, seed
    • Coffee mugs and cups
    • Scarves and stocking caps
    • Spirit, seasonal, state, or US flags
    • Megaphones / School Frisbees
    • Decals / Bumper stickers
    • License plate holders w/ school logo
    • Valentine flowers
    • Stadium pillows or seats


    Activities you can DO:

    • Bagging groceries at a local supermarket
    • Garage sale
    • Auction or silent auction
    • Carnival
    • Car wash
    • Game night
    • Craft show
    • Haunted house
    • Recycling drive
    • Bingo night
    • Karaoke night
    • Chess, checkers, or other board game tournament
    • Treasure hunt or scavenger hunt