• 2022-2023 GIPS Safe Return to School Plan


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    Return to school guidelines if ill - '22-'23
    Normas para el regreso a la escuela - '22-'23

    Grand Island Public Schools Pandemic Team Members and Additional Resources

    The Pandemic Team is a group of dedicated individuals who meet three to four times each week to review research and develop protocols for the district. In addition, building administrators are included in the meetings whenever they want to discuss an issue or a need within their area of responsibility.

    Leading the district through a global pandemic is a very fluid situation. There is often a vast amount of research that needs to be considered. The Pandemic Team watches International and National trends. We also monitor the situation in Grand Island, Nebraska as we establish protocols for the district.

    Grand Island Public Schools is very fortunate to have a group of local and regional medical professionals who regularly make themselves available to work directly with the district on protocols. The district also relies on several organizations for our research. These include the Central District Health Department, HealthyLincoln.org, CHI Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

    If you have a question for the pandemic team, please visit Let’s Talk.

    Pandemic Team members:

    • Dr. Robin Dexter, Associate Superintendent
    • Chris Vrooman, GIPS Lead Nurse
    • Dr. Ken Schroeder, Chief Financial Officer
    • Dan Petsch, Director of Buildings & Grounds
    • Kim Grim, Assistant to Buildings & Grounds
    • Lee Jacobsen, Safety Coordinator
    • Todd Bennett, Warehouse Coordinator
    • Kris Spellman, Director of Nutrition Services
    • Lauren Rathman, GIPS School Dietitian
    • Dr. Toni Palmer, Chief of Leading for Learning
    • Dr. Ashley Tomjack, Director of Curriculum & Professional Learning
    • Renee Engel, Director of Special Education
    • Kate Crowe, Title I Coordinator
    • Dr. Amanda Levos, English Learner & Migrant Education Coordinator
    • Kristen Irey, Chief of Human Capital Management
    • Dr. Jonathan Doll, Chief Data Analyst & Organizational Strategist
    • Cory Gearhart, Director of Information Technology
    • Phil Kuhl, IT Specialist
    • Jennifer Worthington, Chief of Strategic Partnerships & Stakeholder Engagement
    • Mitchell Roush, Director of Strategic Communications and Marketing
    • Kelli Mayhew, Communication Specialist