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"Holocaust Education & Writing on 'Moral Courage'" - The GIPS Cast, Ep. 035

We write about tragic history so we don't repeat it.

Owen Williams, a Junior student and football player at Grand Island Senior High, joins the GIPS Cast to reflect on why writing about the holocaust was an important assignment in Mrs. Butters' class.  Additionally, he shares how Irena Sendler, a social worker in the Polish Underground Resistance rescued 2,500 Jewish children from Warsaw, became the focus of his essay on 'Moral Courage'.  Williams also shares how the writing process changed him for the better.

The Institute of Holocaust Education awarded Owen with the top honor in their annual essay contest on 'Moral Courage'.  Out of a field of nearly 400 student essays from across Nebraska, Owen's essay helped him become GIPS' first-ever winner. 

Because no matter how small it may be, we remember that doing the right thing is still the right thing.

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GIPS Cast podcast episode graphic with headshot of Owen Williams