• At Grand Island Public Schools, the Human Resources Department guarantees the district mission of “Every Student, Every Day, a Success.” By developing processes and systems to ensure only the best staff are hired and retained by the district, each student has the opportunity to learn under and interact with instructional experts and those passionate about student success.

    Human Resources works by developing effective recruitment strategies, implements employee retention strategies, and recommends compensation and benefits programs designed to be competitive in the marketplace. Furthermore, the department leads the negotiation process with recognized bargaining agents for certified staff; performs investigations and resolves matters related to grievances, Title IX, and similar complaints; and ensures compliance with state and federal laws. We also provide support and guidance to administrators in matters involving employee relations.

    With increasing diversity in our student body, GIPS continues to hire a diverse, qualified staff. Almost 66 percent of our teachers have at least a Master’s Degree. Students are impacted by their interactions, relationships, and experiences with GIPS staff. It is critical to create staffing plans and solutions to meet both district and student needs. When students consider giving up on their education, a staff member is always there to step in and inspire perseverance.

    - Dr. Carrie Kolar
    GIPS Chief of Human Resources - 

Dr. Carrie Kolar headshot