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"3rd Grade Authors & Zoo Projects" - The GIPS Cast, Ep. 034

Animals, science, early childhood literacy, and writing a book!

For the Starr Elementary 3rd Grade Teaching team, curriculum is just the starting point.  Breanna Salinas, Alison Zitterkopf, and Tonia Schmall join The GIPS Cast to share how they brought their collective creativity to the Animal Science unit for their students this year. 

Along the way they share how CKLA curriculum connects to science; how students researched and studied an animal during the unit; the story behind bringing all Starr 3rd Graders to the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo; and how they self-published a book full of student reports and illustrations.

We even hear from a few 3rd Grade scholars too!

Because it's about bringing learning to life for every student.

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GIPS Cast podcast graphic with headshots of Mrs. Salinas, Ms. Zitterkopf, & Mrs. Schmall