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GIPS Announces Sale of Wyandotte Building

GIPS Wyandotte Learning Center outdoor facade.

April 3rd, 2024

Grand Island Public Schools (GIPS) has made a long-awaited decision regarding the future of one of the district’s facilities.  The building known as the Wyandotte Learning Center, also recognized as the “old Starr building”, is officially for sale.

As the district conducted a comprehensive budget and facilities review throughout the 2023-24 school year, GIPS decided the Wyandotte facility does not carry a future for their educational needs.  With its attractive location and marketplace potential, GIPS is optimistic the Grand Island community will have heavy interest in the land, building, and two modular facilities.

Originally built in 1975 as the original Starr Elementary School, the 30,000 square foot building has enjoyed a rich history of learning and teaching.  Hit hard by the 1980 tornado, the school was rebuilt and has served in an educational function until Summer of 2024.

For the last few years, the Wyandotte Learning Center was home to one of the GISH Academies, the grades 9-12 Newcomers Program, and the high school Skills Academy.  The building, originally designed in the 1970’s, is a predominantly open concept in layout.  Consequently, the building would require considerable funds to make it educationally functional for a long term commitment.  With the intent to become more efficient with district funds, transportation, and student movement between campuses, GIPS will be moving Wyandotte’s current programming to existing available spaces at Grand Island Senior High, the Career Pathways Institute building, and the Islander Annex.

Moving away from the Wyandotte Learning Center will also provide considerable savings to GIPS in the way of utilities, insurance, regular updates, and other costs that go into managing facilities.

“It is always sad to move the originally intended educational function out of a building,” Matt Fisher, GIPS Superintendent, said “However, the cost savings that can be realized by moving away from this building make this the right move for the district.  We are optimistic that this facility can be repurposed and continue to serve the community for many years to come.”

For the sale, the GIPS Board of Education will be conducting a sealed bid process.  All legal and sale documents will be crafted by the district’s legal representatives at Perry Law Firm.  Request for Proposal (RFP) details may be found on the district website at:

The RFP will include a mandatory pre-bid walk through which is scheduled for Friday, April 19th at 10:00 a.m. at the Wyandotte Learning Center.  All seriously interested parties in pursuing the purchase should plan to attend.  The walk through will be closed to the public.  The sale will include the land, main building, and two modular facilities located outside of the main building.   

Funds from the sale will be set aside in the GIPS Special Buildings Fund and will be used to help fund future facility projects for the district.  Securing these funds will help offset some of the need to use property tax to pay for facility needs.

Questions regarding the sealed bid sale of the Wyandotte Learning Center may be sent to Mr. Virgil Harden, GIPS Chief Financial Officer, at or by calling the district office at 308.385.5900.