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"GISH Going Cell Phone Free" - GIPS Cast, Ep. 32


Cell Phones. We’re addicted to them.  Well, at least most of us are.

You’re probably already familiar with the conversation of cell phones at school.  That certainly has been a topic under the microscope this year at GIPS and at Grand Island Senior High.

Earlier this school year – at the midway point, in fact – Grand Island Senior High made the intentional move of going “cell phone free” in the classrooms, hallways, and lunchrooms of Senior High.

So, three months deep into being "cell phone free" at GISH, we wanted to check-in to see how the new protocols are going, how students are responding, and see if we can notice a difference in social connection and engaged learning in the classroom.

Throughout this episode you will hear insight from Mr. Jeff Gilbertson, GISH Executive Principal, as he shares the genesis behind the drastic change.  Mrs. Megan Stone, GISH English & Capston Teacher, also shares what the classroom experience is looking like from a teaching perspective.  Adi Beltran, GISH Senior, provides perspective on the benefits and challenges students are facing.  And Mr. Nate Helzer, GISH Academy Principal, weighs-in on being driven by student success and finding common ground with everyone in the school.

Because anything worth doing requires shared vision and a commitment to doing the best we can for each other.

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