Board Policies

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2110 - Powers and Responsibilities of the Board

Last Updated Date: 04/17/2023

Adoption Date: 03/01/1976

Revision History: 7/8/1991, 2-16-2006, 12.12.2013, 4.17.2023

The Grand Island Public Schools Board of Education, acting on behalf of the school district, shall have jurisdiction over school matters within the territory of the school district.


The board is empowered to make policy for its own governance, for employees, for students, and for school district facilities. The board is also empowered to enforce its policies.  The board may through its quasi-judicial power, conduct hearings and rule on issues and disputes confronting the school district.


The board has these powers and all other powers expressly granted to it in federal and state law as well as the powers that can be reasonably implied from the express powers.


The board is authorized to govern the school district, which it oversees. As a policy making body, the board has jurisdiction to enact policy with the force and effect of law for the management and operation of the school district.


It is the responsibility of the board, under the board’s executive duty, to select its chief executive officer and supervise the board’s only employee, the superintendent, to operate the school district on the board’s behalf. All references to “superintendent” in this policy manual shall mean the “superintendent or the superintendent’s designee” unless otherwise stated in the board policy. The board delegates to the superintendent its authority to carry out board policy, to formulate and carry out rules and regulations, and to handle the administrative details in a manner that supports and is consistent with board policy. The board may enter into certain contracts as permitted by law.


The board has a responsibility to review the education program’s performance under its evaluative duty. The board regularly reviews the education program and associated support services. The review includes a careful study and examination of the facts, conditions and circumstances surrounding the amount of funds received or expended and the educations program’s ability to achieve the board’s educational philosophy for the school district.

Policy References:

Legal reference: Neb. Statute 79-261 to 263 79-501 to 524 79-734 NDE Rule 10.004.01