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9110 - Parental Access to Educational Practices

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Adoption Date: 08/14/1995

Revision History: 06.09.2022,07.09.2020,06.13.2019,05.11.2017,05.12.2016,05.14.2015,06.11.2013,6-14-07

<p>The Grand Island Public Schools will support and facilitate parental access to information and involvement in educational practices affecting their children. It shall be the policy of the Grand Island Public Schools to provide full access at reasonable times to parents/guardians of students to review curricular materials, student records, and surveys as appropriate and lawful:</p><ul style=&quote;list-style-type: disc;&quote;><li>Textbooks and other curricular materials are available for review by parents of students of the Grand Island Public Schools upon request.</li><li>Upon prior approval from the appropriate teacher, counselor, or administrator, parents/guardians will be permitted to attend and monitor courses, assemblies, counseling sessions, and other instructional activities as long as conduct or presence does not interfere with the educational process or otherwise conflict with school purposes.</li><li>Students will be excused from testing, instructional activities, and other school experiences upon written parental request unless the test or activity is required for local, state, or national accountability or reporting purposes (9110.2 Request for Exception/Exclusion Form).</li><li>A student may be excused from an activity which contributes to a grade for the course, only when an alternative activity can be reasonably provided. Requests must be received by the appropriate teacher or administrator within a reasonable time prior to the activity in question.</li><li>Parents/guardians will have access to student records as appropriate (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act, 20 U.S.C. 1232 G, 79-4,157 R.R.S. and School District of Grand Island Policy: 8710–Student Personnel Files And Records).</li><li>Student testing will be utilized to assist in assessment of educational progress and as required by Title 92, NAC, Chapter 10.</li><li>Students may be asked to participate in surveys from time to time as deemed appropriate by district staff. Parents/guardians may remove their students from such surveys with prior written request, citing specific activity, reason for the request, and any applicable regulations. (Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) 20 U.S.C. § 1232h, 34 CFR Part 98)</li></ul><p>The Grand Island Public Schools shall make provision to include parents in program planning; information dissemination; school improvement plan development, implementation, and evaluation; and with Title 1 parental involvement activities as specified by Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (9110.1 Guidelines).</p><p><a rel=&quote;noopener noreferrer&quote; target=&quote;_blank&quote; href=&quote;;></a><a href=&quote;/cms/lib/NE50010936/Centricity/Domain/43/9110-title-1-parent-and-family-engagement-guidelines.pdf&quote; target=&quote;_blank&quote; rel=&quote;noopener&quote;>.pdf version</a> </p><h2>9110.1 Title 1 Parent and Family Engagement Guidelines</h2><p>The Grand Island Public School District intends to meet the expectations of the parental involvement guidelines in accordance with the Every Student Succeeds Act of through the following activities and when feasible, in a language that parents understand:</p><ol style=&quote;list-style-type: decimal;&quote;><li>Involve parents in developing the Title I Parent and Family Engagement Plan</li><li>Plan parental involvement activities</li><li>Involve parents in activities</li><li>Build capacity for strong parent involvement</li><li>Coordinate and integrate parental involvement strategies with other programs</li><li>Conduct an annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness of the Parent and Family Engagement Guidelines</li></ol><p>Each school that receives Title I Funds shall distribute these guidelines to parents of all students attending the school.  The school shall:</p><ol style=&quote;list-style-type: decimal;&quote;><li>Convene annual meeting(s) at convenient time(s) to which all parents of participating children shall be invited and encouraged to attend<ol style=&quote;list-style-type: lower-alpha;&quote;><li>the agenda will inform parents of their school’s participation in the Title I program, explain what Title I is and the requirements associated with it and the parent’s right to be involved</li></ol></li><li>Involve parents in the planning, review and improvement of the Parent and Family Engagement Plan<br /><ol style=&quote;list-style-type: lower-alpha;&quote;><li>Parent surveys, parent meetings, parent/teacher conferences, social media, are all examples of how this may be accomplished</li></ol></li><li>Provide parents with timely information regarding curriculum, instruction and assessment practices and proficiency levels<br /><ol style=&quote;list-style-type: lower-alpha;&quote;><li>Parent/family nights (i.e. Back to School Events, Literacy Nights)</li><li>Parent/teacher conferences twice a year</li><li>Report cards sent home three times per year at elementary and middle school</li></ol></li><li>Provide opportunities for parents to participate, as appropriate, in decisions relating to the education of their children<br /><ol style=&quote;list-style-type: lower-alpha;&quote;><li>Parent/teacher conferences</li><li>Response to Intervention Process</li><li>IEP meetings</li></ol></li><li>Involve parents in the development and review of a school-parent compact that outlines shared responsibility for improved student academic achievement<br /><ol style=&quote;list-style-type: lower-alpha;&quote;><li>Title I parent meeting</li><li>Parent/teacher conferences</li></ol></li><li>Provide assistance, opportunities, and/or materials for helping parents to understand topics relating to their student’s academic achievement in a format and when feasible, in a language that parents can understand<br /><ol style=&quote;list-style-type: lower-alpha;&quote;><li>Interpreters attend meetings</li><li>Communication is sent home in English and Spanish, other languages as needed</li></ol></li><li>Parents of all students are welcome and encouraged to be involved in their child’s education.  Accommodations will be provided for parents who are economically disadvantaged, are disabled, have limited English proficiency, have limited literacy, or are of any racial or ethnic minority background, or are parents of migratory children<br /><ol style=&quote;list-style-type: lower-alpha;&quote;><li>Interpreters (language, hearing) available and utilized as needed</li><li>Migrant facilitators available to support migrant families</li><li>ADA accessible buildings or meetings held in accessible locations</li><li>School information is communicated in a variety of ways (social media, emails, newsletters, phone calls)</li></ol></li></ol><p><a rel=&quote;noopener noreferrer&quote; target=&quote;_blank&quote; href=&quote;;>.</a><a href=&quote;/cms/lib/NE50010936/Centricity/Domain/43/9110-title-1-parent-and-family-engagement-guidelines.pdf&quote; target=&quote;_blank&quote; rel=&quote;noopener&quote;>pdf version</a></p><p> Normas de Participación de los Padres de Titulo 1 9110.1</p><p>El Distrito de las Escuelas Públicas de Grand Island tiene la intención de cumplir con las expectativas de las normas de participación de acuerdo con la Ley Cada Estudiante Triunfa del 2015 a través de las siguientes actividades y cuando sea posible, en un idioma que los padres entiendan:</p><ol style=&quote;list-style-type: decimal;&quote;><li>Involucrar a los padres en el desarrollo del Plan de Participación de Padres y Familia de Titulo 1</li><li>Planear las actividades de participación de los padres</li><li>Involucrar a los padres en actividades</li><li>Desarrollar la capacidad para una fuerte participación de los padres</li><li>Coordinar e integrar las estrategias de participación de los padres con otros programas</li><li>Llevar a cabo una evaluación anual del contenido y la efectividad de las Normas de Participación de Padres y Familia</li></ol><p>Cada escuela que recibe Fondos de Titulo1 distribuirá estas normas a los padres de todos los estudiantes que asisten a la escuela. La escuela deberá:</p><ol style=&quote;list-style-type: decimal;&quote;><li>Convocar la reunión(es) anual a la hora(s) conveniente para que todos los padres de los niños participantes sean invitados y alentados a asistir<ol style=&quote;list-style-type: lower-alpha;&quote;><li>la agenda informara a los padres de la participación de su escuela en el programa de Titulo 1, explicara que es el Titulo 1 y los requisitos asociados con el derecho de los padres a participar</li></ol></li><li>Involucrar a los padres en la planificación, revisión y mejoramiento del Plan de Participación de Padres y Familia<br /><ol style=&quote;list-style-type: lower-alpha;&quote;><li>Encuestas para padres, reuniones para padres, conferencias entre padres y maestros, redes sociales, son ejemplos de cómo se puede lograr esto</li></ol></li><li>Proporcionar a los padres información oportuna sobre el currículo, las prácticas de instrucción y evaluación y los niveles de dominio<br /><ol style=&quote;list-style-type: lower-alpha;&quote;><li>Noches de padres/familia (es decir Eventos de Regreso a Clases, Noches de Apoyo Académico)</li><li>Conferencias de padres/maestros dos veces al año</li><li>Tarjetas de calificación enviadas a casa tres veces al año en la escuela primaria y secundaria</li></ol></li><li>Proporcionar oportunidades para que los padres participen, según corresponda, en las decisiones relacionadas con la educación de sus hijos<br /><ol style=&quote;list-style-type: lower-alpha;&quote;><li>Conferencias de padres/maestros</li><li>Respuesta al Proceso de Intervención</li><li>Reuniones de IEP</li></ol></li><li>Involucrar a los padres en el desarrollo y revisión de un pacto entre la escuela y padres que describe la responsabilidad compartida para mejorar el rendimiento académico de los estudiantes<br /><ol style=&quote;list-style-type: lower-alpha;&quote;><li>Reunión de padres de Titulo 1</li><li>Convencías de padres y maestros</li></ol></li><li>Proporcionar asistencia, oportunidades y/o materiales para ayudar a los padres a comprender los temas relacionados con los logros académicos de sus estudiantes en un formato, y cuando sea posible, en un idioma que los padres puedan entender<br /><ol style=&quote;list-style-type: lower-alpha;&quote;><li>Interpretes asisten a las reuniones</li><li>La comunicación se envía a casa en Inglés y Español, otros idiomas según sea necesario</li></ol></li><li>Los padres de todos los estudiantes son bienvenidos y alentados a participar en la educación de sus hijos.  Se proporcionan adaptaciones para los padres con desventajas económicas, que están discapacitados, tienen un dominio limitado del Inglés, tienen una alfabetización limitada, o tiene antecedentes de minoría racial o étnica, o son padres de niños migratorios<br /><ol style=&quote;list-style-type: lower-alpha;&quote;><li>Interpretes (idioma, auditivos) disponibles y utilizados según sea necesario</li><li>Facilitadores migrantes disponibles para apoyar a las familias migrantes</li><li>Edificios o reuniones accesibles de ADA en lugares accesibles</li><li>La información escolar se comunica de diversas maneras (redes sociales, correos electrónicos, boletines informativos, llamadas telefónicas)</li></ol></li></ol><p><a rel=&quote;noopener noreferrer&quote; target=&quote;_blank&quote; href=&quote;;>.</a><a href=&quote;/cms/lib/NE50010936/Centricity/Domain/43/91101-normas-de-participacion-de-los-padres-de-titulo-1.pdf&quote; target=&quote;_blank&quote; rel=&quote;noopener&quote;>pdf version</a></p><p> </p><h2>9110.2 Request for Exception/Exclusion Form</h2><p><strong>Grand Island Public Schools<br /></strong>Request for Exception/Exclusion from Activities or Curriculum</p><p>Student</p><p>School</p><p>What do you object to regarding instruction, materials, testing, curriculum, textbooks, surveys or other school experiences and activities? Please be specific.</p><p>Why do you find this objectionable?</p><p>What suggestions do you have to resolve the issue that might be satisfactory to you and the school district?</p><p>Parent/Guardian Signature</p><p>Date</p><p><a href=&quote;/cms/lib/NE50010936/Centricity/Domain/43/91102-request-for-exception-exclusion-form.pdf&quote; target=&quote;_blank&quote; rel=&quote;noopener&quote;>.pdf version</a></p>

Policy References:

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