Equity in GIPS

  • Equity Value Statement

    In Grand Island Public Schools, equity is providing each individual what they need, when they need it, in an inclusive and anti-discriminatory environment.      

    Equity Commitments 

    We are committed to identifying, disrupting, and addressing our individual and district-wide biases so all students, staff and families are known, heard, connected, valued and supported. All stakeholders accept responsibility and hold themselves and each other accountable to cultivate an equitable district, free of racism and discrimination to ensure “Every Student, Every Day, A Success.” 


    Access and Inclusion For All

    GIPS is committed to equitable access, treatment, and outcomes for all students and staff regardless of the dimensions of culture (e.g. race, gender, ethnicity, language, disability, sexual orientation, family background, adverse events, and/or family income). School, home, and community partnerships foster meaningful engagement to ensure access and inclusion to all. Policies and practices will be identified, addressed, and monitored for inequities, racism and discrimination at the classroom, school, and district level. 

    Positive Relationships and Interactions

    GIPS is committed to a meaningful culturally inclusive environment characterized by acceptance, respect, support, safety, and a sense of belonging for all stakeholders. Individuals are empowered with the skills, expertise, and a safe space to advocate and commit to eliminating injustice and inequity. Evidence of positive relationships and intercultural competence will be identified, addressed, and monitored at the classroom, school, and district level. 

    High Expectations and Availability of Opportunities

    GIPS is committed to providing personalized educational experiences to meet individual needs of students, staff, and families that will lead to success. We celebrate the strengths and assets of every student to create meaningful and relevant opportunities to eliminate gaps. Students develop self-advocacy and use their voice for positive change. Academic achievement and other student outcome data will be analyzed and monitored at the classroom, school, and district level. 

    Intentional Distribution of Resources

    GIPS is committed to the equitable use of funds, staff, and other resources. Based on student need and district priorities, the allocation of resources will be monitored and adjusted at the classroom, school, and district level.