• Fall Survey Invitations
      • Students - 9/05 - 9/21
      • Parents - 10/09 - 10/26
      • Staff - 10/09 - 10/26

    • Spring Survey Invitations
      • Students - 3/11 - 3/28
      • Staff - 3/11 - 3/28

    • Reporting
      • Aggregate data will be shared with the GIPS Board of Education in June of 2024.



    Grand Island Public Schools (GIPS) has been using Panorama, a well-reputable and robust technology/surveying platform, in recent years.  We piloted the program for two years starting in 2017 and moved to a districtwide usage in 2020. 

    GIPS currently operates under a service rate of $52,000 a year with Panorama which may be evaluated and renewed annually.

    For what use?
    Panorama is a survey tool for engaging teachers, students, and parents.  Specifically for GIPS, we utilize the platform to ask high-level questions about involvement in school-related activities and overall experience.

    Our questions do not solicit information or opinions pertaining to curriculum, testing, or state standards.

    Participation in the survey is optional.  

    What benefit does this provide?  

    We are required by the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) to administer surveys of our choosing aimed towards school improvement.  In addition to this platform providing a fruitful way to measure student engagement at the building level, this is an effective way we may report to state requirements while making a more meaningful impact in the social and emotional learning spaces for our students. 

    How is Panorama connected to the GIPS Strategic Plan?
    Through two of the seven key success measures, GIPS is committed to:

    • 75% or more of students at each school will rate their school highly on school climate.
    • Students will report at 15% increases in their social-emotional development.

    By using the Panorama survey, GIPS is able to better monitor the progress towards improvement across the district.  Specifically as it relates to social-emotional development. 

    Panorama is a platform that we have been using for three years and it has proven to be a valuable resource.

    Feel free to explore our FAQs below for more helpful information.


    Below are copies of the surveys taken by Grand Island Public Schools students.
    Student SEL Competency & Well-Being Survey:
    Grades 3-5 Sample Survey
    Grades 6-12 Sample Survey

    Students School Climate Survey:
    Grades 3-5 Sample Survey
    Grades 6-12 Sample Survey

    Report Sample:
    Sample Student Survey Report

    Parents / Guardians will be given an invitation to participate in the Panorama survey via email in October of 2023.  Students will be given an invitation to participate in the survey on two separate occasions, in September 2023 and March 2024. 

    In partnership with Panorama, GIPS strives to offer transparency through this platform.  Please continue to refer to this webpage for more information on ways to participate or opt-out of future surveys. 


    Parents / Guardians may out-out for their students to participate in the Panorama survey.  A copy of the form linked below must be submitted for each student requesting to opt out:


    Q:  What kind of surveys does GIPS conduct? 


    • A survey of students to understand their social-emotional competence and well-being.
    • A survey of students to understand how safe they feel at school and how connected they feel to their teachers and peers.
    • A survey of teachers, staff, and families to understand how they feel about
      the overall climate of their school.

    Q: What platform does GIPS use to conduct these surveys?

    A: Panorama Education.

    Q: Who is Panorama Education?

    A: Panorama Education is an education software company that works with more than

    21,000 schools, in all 50 states.

    Panorama partners with K-12 schools to help them collect feedback from students,

    teachers, and families on areas such as social-emotional learning, school climate,

    family engagement and more.

    With these research-backed surveys and a leading technology platform, Panorama then

    helps educators act on that data to improve outcomes for all students.

    Q: How are the surveys developed?

    A: The Panorama Student Survey was developed under the leadership of Dr. Hunter

    Gehlbach, Professor and Vice Dean of Academic Affairs at the Johns Hopkins School of

    Education, and Senior Research Advisor at Panorama Education.

    The research team followed a rigorous survey development process that involved

    multiple rounds of piloting and refinement, following cognitive interviews with students,

    an extensive review of survey literature, and feedback from experts around the country.

    Q: What does the survey measure?

    A: The Panorama Education survey is designed to capture student voice and allow

    students to express their perspectives about teaching and learning, culture and climate,

    and their classroom experiences.

    The Student Supports and Environments portion of the survey allows for students to

    offer feedback specifically about school safety, their sense of belonging, teacher-student

    relationships, cultural awareness, and diversity and inclusion.

    Q: Are there questions included in the survey that ask about the mental health of my


    A: No. Panorama surveys are not mental health screeners. They are not used to identify

    students who require mental health or trauma treatment.

    Q: Are there questions included in the survey that ask about the political or religious

    beliefs of my student?

    A: No. Panorama surveys do not ask about political or religious affiliation or belief.

    Q: How does Panorama keep students’ data safe?

    A: Panorama follows best practices for data privacy and security. The company

    implements administrative, technical, and physical security controls designed to protect

    information stored on its servers, which are located in the United States. Panorama

    does not use student data for purposes other than serving schools and districts and

    cannot share any education or student information unless authorized by the school or

    district or under applicable law.

    Panorama’s approach to student privacy can be found at:

    Q:  Who can see my students’ responses and results?

    • A:District Administrators who coordinate with Panorama   
    • Building Principals
    • Certified Teachers and Certified Support Staff (counselors, social workers, etc.) can view their class and/or course assigned students.

    Q:  How are the findings of the surveys shared?

    A:  Overall aggregate scores will be shared with the Grand Island Public Schools Board of Education on June 2024.

    District wide trends and findings may be shared with the greater Grand Island Community during GIPS public events.

    Q:  How may I view my individual student’s report?

    A:  GIPS is working with Panorama to develop a seamless and efficient way to share individual student reports.  For the time being, an individual survey report for your student may be provided by the school district upon request by a parent/guardian.  For more information, please send inquiries through Let’s Talk.  Select “Panorama”, share your request, and include your student's name and school ID number. 

    Q: What kinds of information does Panorama collect from my student?

    A: You can see in the surveys themselves what questions are asked. All data collected

    through these surveys is owned by the school district, not the company.

    Q: Does Panorama engage in data mining?

    A: No. Panorama does not market, sell, or rent any student's personal information.

    Panorama does not engage in, inform, influence, or enable advertising to

    students. Panorama cannot share any education or student information unless

    authorized by the school or district or under applicable law.

    Q: Does Panorama share student data with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, or

    other social media companies?

    A: No, absolutely not. Panorama only uses student data for the purpose of serving

    schools and districts.



    Please reach out to your building Principal if you have any questions, or share a message with the District through Let's Talk