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“Disney's Beauty and the Beast'' Coming to GISH this Fall

Disney's Beauty and the Beast poster presented by the Academies of Grand Island Senior High

August 30, 2023

A tale as old as time is coming to Grand Island Senior High (GISH). 

“Disney’s Beauty and the Beast” will take the stage as the GISH Center for Performing Arts brings its annual musical back to the Fall season.  A timeless classic filled with theatre spectacle, wondrous costumes, and iconic music — “Beauty and the Beast” will be a fun-filled show for the whole family.

The musical will run Thursday, October 26th and Saturday October 28th at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday, October 29th for a 2:00 p.m. matinee with all performances on stage at the auditorium of Grand Island Senior High.  Tickets will go on sale on September 1st and may be purchased online at

“Part of what we wanted to do, in addition to giving our student performers an opportunity to join a fun, classic show, is bring a high-quality production to our community that everyone can enjoy.”  Dr. Evan Lee, GIPS Fine Arts Curriculum Coordinator, shared, “We’re excited to have the Disney magic on our stage!”

The cast and crew for the production boasts the talents of nearly one hundred Grand Island Senior High students both on the stage and behind the curtain.  An “all hands on deck” approach to bringing the classic Disney title to life.

But there is more. . . 

Rounding out the company will be approximately 30 additional Grand Island Public Schools students.  Kindergartners through 8th Graders from GIPS will be joining the cast as “extras” to fill the stage in large group numbers.

“We wanted to make this a fun opportunity for more than just our Senior High students.” Dr. Lee continued, “Having younger students join us from across the district is a great opportunity for them to experience what theatre is like at a Class A High School.  We want to inspire our up-and-coming student performers by letting them know they have a place here today and in the future. It’ll be fun!”

Overall, the show will showcase talents of nearly 130 students from Grand Island Senior High and GIPS.  From iconic songs like, “Be Our Guest” and, “Beauty and the Beast”, and the lasting characters of Belle, Beast, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, and more — “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast” aims to be a musical to remember for the Grand Island Community.

The cast and crew for the production has been announced:






Lauren Brown



Joe Hayman



Alex Weaver



Grady Brisnehan



Alek Kuebler



Orvin Rubio-Hernandez

Mrs Potts


Olivia Madison



Hana Butters



Ashlynn Favazza



Elise Warner



Noah Javorsky



Armoni Ewoldt

Silly Girls


Elena Martinez, Sheridan Gapp, Claire Gartner, Katelyn Sodomka



Christian Tennant, Charlie Gentry, Brayden Stromer



Armoni Ewoldt

Young Prince


Brayden Stromer

Old Beggar Woman


Celia McCoy



Avery Rogers



Elijah Meier



Ava Stein

Tavern Master


Cael Wiegert

Laundry Lady


Tessa Bockoven



Logan Ripp

Milk Maid


Sydnee Davis

Flower Seller


Alisea Sweet

Sausage Curl Lady


Kennedy Miller



Chris Linden

Hat Seller


Adeline Woods

Book Seller


Jayson Shelton



Avery Rogers and Select Dance Corps

Gargoyle 1


Preston Meier

Gargoyle 2


Maggie Robison




Adriana Behrens

Jaylynn Mercer


Adriana Gearhart

Kainen Mora


Amy Green

Karina Calmo


Anaaliyah Mendez

Kayedence Hespe


Anahi Rivera Perez

Keila Camey


Bailey Rafael

Kenia Garcia


Bella Roe

Lizzie Stoppkotte


Bessy Gomez-Lara

Malia McNeal


Briana Arrieta

Malik Hansen


Cadence Gidcumb

Marcela Zepeda Cano


Caprice Ontiveros

Maylee Corado


Cassidy Boettger

Molly Bressler


Catalina Luna

Paige Berglund


Chloe Lopez

Payden Bond


Damien Hester

Pierre Doan


Destiny Lucero

Raquel Lopez Perez


Elaine Shelton

Rihanna Diaz


Elise Phinney

Riley Seybold


Emaleigh Dreher

Saydee Gomez


Faith Diaz

Sofie Betancourt


Gwenyth Cox

Thomas Casarez


Hailey Lewandowski

Ulises Acosta


Isabella Bramble

William Woods


Jaxstin Deines

Zoie Haar


Stage Crew


Abiel Dominguez Nunez


Alex Buchanan


Faith Puente


Katie Poe


Makena Darling


Sarah Wichman


(more to be added from cast)



Performances of “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast” presented by Grand Island Senior High will be October 26th and 28th at 7:00 p.m. and October 29th at 2:00 p.m. at the GISH Auditorium. 

Tickets for the musical go on sale starting September 1st and may be purchased online at:

Families and the Grand Island community are invited to, “Be Our Guest”!