Welcome to Grand Island Senior High!

  • Your personalized high school experience starts now.

    Here at the GISH Academies, we put our focus on you – our students.  We want to partner with you and your family to create a 4-year learning journey that equips you to be college, career, and community ready.

    Our Academy and Pathway model is designed with you in mind.  Through core curriculum classes, job shadowing connections, internship possibilities, career-based learning, pathway capstones, fine arts, athletics, and clubs you will have the opportunity to discover what you want to do while becoming who you want to be.

    Alongside our 200+ GISH Staff, I invite you to explore all the Academies of Grand Island Senior High has to offer.  We are ready for you to make your mark.

    Be bold and be proud to be an Islander!


    Calvin G. Hubbard, GISH Principal 

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Calvin Hubbard headshot