GIPS Superintendent Dr. Grover

Grand Island Public Schools community partners:

We are grateful to you for helping to provide extraordinary, real-world experiences for our students through the partnerships with the Academies of Grand Island Senior High. Even during a pandemic, we all continued to advocate for student success and to provide enhanced learning opportunities in the Academies of Grand Island Senior High.

Please know that through your partnership and involvement with the Academies, you are making a positive impact on our young community members.

Together, we are all preparing students to be college, career, community and world ready, while also instilling community values. We are better and stronger together, and I know that our students will be prepared to thrive in an ever-changing world.


2020-2021 Academy Success Stories

Dear GIPS community,

The 2020-2021 school year was an innovative time for the Academies of Grand Island Senior High. Our students and staff successfully weathered the pandemic and its many challenges. We at Grand Island Public Schools are incredibly proud of the commitment of our district to education during this unprecedented time. 

We emerged stronger than ever and are excited to showcase our growth. 

Thank you for being a critical support system. We recognize the role that our school plays for current and future generations and strive to elevate our various Academies and pathways to ensure excellence and a lasting, positive impact on our community.


'...I knew that my future at GISH would be different from my future anywhere else'

See how the Academy of Freshman Exploration sets the stage for students to explore.

Click here to learn more about the Academy of Freshman Exploration.

''s more than what I thought was possible here at GISH..."

The Academy of Education, Law and Public Safety helps students take the next step toward their dreams. During the 2020-2021 year, GISH education pathway students were able to take the Praxis test at no cost to them, giving them an advantage when entering college. Learn more about how the academy is expanding opportunities for students.

Click here to learn more about the Academy of Education, Law & Public Safety.


'We get to see the new technology first-hand and actually install it'

The Academy of Engineering and Technology fosters innovation for students, while providing them unique, real-world opportunities that enhance their learning even further. Learn more about how the Information Technology Pathway is providing these opportunities to students and partnering with local businesses.

Click here to learn more about the Academy of Engineering & Technology.

'It's a great way to showcase talents and creativeness'

The Academy of Business & Communications offers students the opportunity to learn on state-of-the-art equipment through the Multimedia Pathway. Learn more about how this Academy unlocked new interests and career paths for students.

Click here to learn more about the Academy of Business & Communications.


'This got me college and career ready; it helped me know what to expect from the real world'

The Academy of Technical Sciences boasts a successful apprenticeship program with many community partners that exposes students to the workplace environment and offers real-world experience. Learn how this Academy sets up GISH students for success outside the classroom.

 Click here to learn more about the Academy of Technical Sciences.

'The experiences that students have had, have really opened their eyes to the possibilities.'

The Academy of Medical Sciences offers students an opportunity to job shadow with local business partners in a multitude of medical-related fields, giving students the upper hand when deciding what they want to pursue (or not pursue) after high school. Learn more about how the Academy of Medical Sciences is helping students stand out by offering them unique opportunities in high school.

Click here to learn more about the Academy of Medical Sciences.



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