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Islanders finish with 19 medalists, 11 national qualifiers at state SkillsUSA competition

SkillsUSA competitiors


The Islanders kept the hardware at home, as they competed well during the Nebraska State SkillsUSA Leadership and Skills Conference in Grand Island earlier this month.

Grand Island Senior High had 51 students who competed, which ranged from sophomores to seniors. The Islanders finished the competition with 19 medalists and 11 national qualifiers. 

Students who are awarded first place also qualify for nationals in Atlanta June 19-23, 2023.


quiz bowl state champs


D.W. Holley, Academy of Technical Sciences principal at GISH and Career Pathways Institute, said the SkillsUSA participation this year was outstanding. He said of the medalists, five were sophomores.  


“The future looks bright for SkillsUSA at GISH.  I want to thank all of our instructors who put in extra hours preparing students after school and on weekends to help them be competition ready,” Holley said.


He mentioned the students were well prepared for the competition and teachers were an important part of that. Staff members and teachers involved in preparing students for SkillsUSA are: Brett Forsman, Mike Samuelson, Alex Kemnitz, Eric Sell, Spencer Trout, Haley Koeppke, Michael Lowe, Jae Kim, Brandon Piersol, and Michala Soundy.


“They were all instrumental in getting kids involved in SkillsUSA as well as staying long hours during competition week. Early mornings and late nights are the norm for those dedicated instructors,” Holley said.


SkillsUSA winners


SkillsUSA winners and competitors:


Robotics: Urban Search & Rescue

Antonio Corretjer

Nick Krichau


Quiz Bowl Team- 1st place and National Qualifier

Callie Taylor

Meredith Barrett

Isamar Caceres Meza

Saul Gonzalez

Laynden McPeek


Technical Drafting 

Callie Taylor

Boyd Bartlett

Marco Jimenez


Additive Manufacturing 

Alexander Roeser & Mason Messmer 1st place and National Qualifier

Alex Flores Ramirez

Julie Engel

Logan Ripp & Corbin Bergmeier -3rd Place

Duong Tran

Samuel Brooks


Cyber Security 

Laynden McPeek & Meredith Barrett  1st place and National Qualifier 


Culinary Arts 

Daniel Garcia


Mobile Robotics Technology 

Orion Miller

Caleb Hall

Nathan Manka

Edwin Ortiz



Jax Wiesen

Gage Pfeil


Diesel Equipment Technology 

Christopher Rosales

Caleb Eilers

Alex Johnson 1st place and National Qualifier 


T-Shirt Design 

Christopher Rosales - 2nd Place


Automotive Service Technology 

Christopher Rivera

Kurtis Parmenter

Vanessa Lempka

John Fieldgrove


State Only - Mouse Trap Vehicle - Distance -SR 

Hazzard Eilts, 1st Place

Braylon Bilslend

Juana Reynoso Bautista

Marco Jimenez, 2nd Place

Duong Tran, 3rd Place


CNC Programmer 

Hazzard Eilts, 2nd Place

Austin Meyer, 3rd Place


State Only - Bridge Building SR 

William Hatfield

Corbin Bergmeier


CNC 3 Axis Milling Programmer 

William Hatfield, 1st place and National Qualifier 

Joel Ceballos, 2nd Place


Power Equipment Technology 

Connor Bader, 2nd Place


CNC 2 Axis Turning Programmer 8:00 Friday

Jordan Hunter, 2nd Place

Sven Matthiessen, 1st place and National Qualifier 


State Only - Precision Machining Technology 

Jackson Green


Architectural Drafting 

Braylon Bilslend, 2nd Place

Juana Reynoso Bautista


Baking & Pastry Arts 

Emily Reimers


State Only - State T-Shirt Contest 

Corbin Bergmeier


State Only - Mouse Traptor Rull - SR 

Corbin Bergmeier


Sheet Metal 

Richard Mateo, 1st place and National Qualifier 



Aisha Martinez

Juan Astudillo

Carson Jonak

Charlie Gentry 



Anthony Witter

Arie Figueroa


Heavy Equipment Operator 

Chase Edwards, 2nd Place