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Dr. Grover Shares Her Last Meeting with SSAC

Dr. Grover & Mr. Gilbertson with the smiling members of SSAC.
Paving the way for the next chapter.

Dr. Grover shared her final meeting with the Superintendent Student Advisory Council (SSAC) on Thursday, January 4th. 

True to form, they continued the work by discussing teacher support, student care, and more.

SSAC is a group of Senior High student leaders dedicated to strengthening the high school experience for their peers. They met with Dr. Grover nearly every month for seven years working together to bring positive change and advocacy to GISH. Composed of 20 members – 5 from grades 9-12, membership aims to reflect the diversity of the district's student population. Membership is via teacher/principal recommendation or through expressed interest of the student. There is a minimum commitment of one academic year. 



  • Establish effective, solid, two-way communication between district administrators and students
  • Provide administration with feedback and insight from the students' perspective on district processes, policies and initiatives to ensure that the needs of students are included as decisions are made in the district
  • Share important district information and broaden students' understanding of school-related issues

Reflecting on her time shared with the group, Dr. Grover affirmed:

"I'm so proud of these student leaders! They've brought great change to their peers, teachers, and school. I've learned so much from them.
The group will continue moving forward and doing the work. I can't wait to see the mark they'll leave!"

Indeed, the SSAC student leaders will continue making a difference at their school.

Lead on, students.