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Shoemaker celebrates 11th year of Literary Pumpkin Parade

On Oct. 31, the halls of Shoemaker Elementary were reminiscent of a pumpkin patch and a library as students participated in the 11th annual Literary Pumpkin Parade.

The event, which 235 students participated in, encourages literacy, creativity, and connection. Students choose a book to read, then at home students decorate a pumpkin based on one of the book characters. Students then bring their pumpkins to school and sit outside their classroom, lining the halls with pumpkins and books, ready to give a report about their book and pumpkin. Families and staff walk the halls, hearing from students and seeing the creativity and artwork.

Trisha Hedman, integration specialist at Shoemaker Elementary, is the project organizer. 

“The goal of the Literary Pumpkin Project is to give students and their families an opportunity to work together, be creative and connect,” Hedman said. 

She said she loves hearing from students about why they chose a certain book character to decorate their pumpkin, and listening to students on how they decorated their pumpkin. 

Students get excited and beam with pride when they bring their decorated pumpkins to school. Hedman said students and families are creative and work hard on decorating the pumpkins. Students love to show her their pumpkins as soon as they arrive in the morning.

The Literary Pumpkin Project and Parade connects the school and families, too.

“I always get a lot of comments from parents and families about how much they love this tradition,” Hedman said. ”They enjoy helping their child pick a book, then get to help their child be creative in decorating their pumpkin."

"People are always so impressed with the amount of work that students put into decorating their pumpkins and the pride they have showing off their pumpkin at the parade!” Hedman said.

We’re looking forward to the continued tradition of the Literary Pumpkin Parade! Great job, Shoemaker Eagles!




Photo of girl with book and pumpkins.Girl with Clifford the Big Red Dog decorated pumpkin.Boy with Pete the Cat book and decorated pumpkin.