• Outdoor photo of Shoemaker Elementary School

    Shoemaker Elementary School was organized on November 28, 1873 under the origional name of District Thirty-Eight. The first classes were held during the 1874-75 school year in the home of Jacob Shoemaker with his daughter, Minnie Belle Shoemaker, as the teacher. There was an enrollment of 17 students for a fifty-eight day session. Miss Shoemaker's pay for that term was $60. The students had a total of 14 text books.

    In the 1880's, a one-room school was constructed. In 1956 a new building was completed. Two teachers and 30 students were in attendance. In 1959 plans for a library collection were approved. An addition was built in 1965.

    Ground breaking ceremonies on May 23, 1977 initiated construction for a new building. The old building was to become a Junior High.

    May 10, 1977 Shoemaker Elementary became the official name of this site.

    Shoemaker School became a part of the Grand Island Public School System in the summer of 1985 as the result of annexation by the city. During the 1985-86 school year, Shoemaker was reviewed by the Superintendent and the recommendation was made that Shoemaker would house students in grades K-5. Grades 6-8 would attend Westridge Middle School.