History of Success Academy

  • History of Alternative Education in Grand Island

    1978 - Lincoln Parks Community Center at 804 W. 4th Street serves as an alternative site for GIPS.
    1979- Program moves to Newell School for 1 year.
    1980 - Program moves to double wide trailers at 1912 N. Lafayette.
    2011 - Success Academy moved into a brand new building at 1912 N. Lafayette.

    Progress School

    Doug Jensen served as the administrator of Progress School from 1985-2002 (17 years).
    Dr. Tamyra Pickering served as the administrator of SANDS from 2003-2010, and Success Academy 2010-2012 (9 years).  Dr. Ken DeFrank began as the administrator in August 2012.

    The SANDS Alternative Program was created during the 2003-2004 school year. Prior to 2003, the alternative program was called Progress School. Progress School operated as Grand Island Public Schools' Alternative Program for over twenty years.

    The Swift School opened September 11, 2001 and held classes until July 1, 2009.  When it closed, and merged with the Sands program. 

    At the beginning of the  2010-11 school year, the Sands program ended and the Success Academy for grades 6-12 was established.   The Success Academy is the result of merging the alternative middle school program with the high school SANDS alternative program.

    Currently, Success Academy students in grades 9-12 attend school at the building at 1912 North Lafayette.  This construction of this building was completed in January 2012.   Students in grades 6-8 attend school  at Barr Middle School.