NeSA Testing Information

  • Our third, fourth and fifth grade students will be taking the NeSA assessments during the month of April.  The purpose of state assessments is to measure progress of students on various state standards in the academic areas of reading, mathematics and science.


    • 3rd and 4th graders are tested in the areas of reading and mathematics.  Our 5th graders will also take the NeSA science assessments.
    • Most assessments are taken using the computer; selected students may be using a paper/pencil format.
    • NeSA assessments are written in a multiple choice format.
    • Sessions are not timed but there are two testing sessions per subject area which typically 45 minutes-90 minutes each.


    • Create enthusiam; your attitude as a parent has a direct bearing on the attitude of your child.
    • Talk to your child about the importance of giving their best effort and about staying forcused during the assessment, but do not make your child overly anxious. Do your best to reduce anxiety if it exists.
    • Be sure that your child gets plenty of rest and eats a good breakfast.
    • Get your child to school on time.  No tardies, please.
    • Communicate with the school in a timely manner if your child must be absent during a testing time.