Title I Information

  • West Lawn students standing in line listening to teacher

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    By the end of the 2020-21 school year, West Lawn will increase student achievement and close the achievement gap by increasing the number of students moving quintiles in reading on NWEA MAP assessments from 39% proficient to 56%.

    If teachers engage in collaborative standards-based planning, focus on student learning using real time data to inform instruction, and provide interventions and extensions directly aligned to grade level standards then all students will move to a higher quintile on NWEA MAP.

    Our actions are:  

    1.  Standards Based Planning Professional Learning

    2.  Attend PLC 2.0 weekly meetings and analyze reading data, lesson plan, or set goal student/teacher goals for student gains in achievement.

    3.  Identify and plan for students for reading interventions

    4.  Reading Interventions