NDE State of Schools Report

  • Jefferson Elementary students sitting and listening in the gym.

    Jefferson Elementary and all of Grand Island Public Schools are dedicated to continually improving our school, our students and our community. Within this section you can see school test results and gain an understanding of our efforts and goals for improvement.


    Click here to see the Nebraska Department of Education State of School Report for Jefferson Elementary.

    This summary provides information and results for our school’s improvement process. By design, broad improvement goals are established that take several years to fully achieve. All staff help identify and implement a few powerful research based improvement strategies, which are assessed annually in terms of student learning gains.


    Increased percentage of students meeting or exceeding proficiency every year across all assessed grades and subjects assessed on the NSCAS (Nebraska Student-Centered Assessment System) centralized state testing process.

    Decreased percentage of students who are absent 15 or more days as reported by Nebraska Department of Education (Excessive Absenteeism)


    Increased percentage of students in all grades who are in the forty-first percentile, or above, in math and reading , according to the MAP grade report..

    2018 Fall Math percent who are in the forty first percentile, or above, and our goal (in bold):
    1st: 56% - 79% (10 more students)
    2nd: 38% - 67% (13 more students)
    3rd: 40% - 73% (10 more students)
    4th: 54% - 70% (8 more students)
    5th: 47% - 75% (10 more students)

    2018 Fall Reading percent who are in the forty first percentile, or above, and our goal (in bold):
    1st: 67% - 84% (7 more students)
    2nd: 33% - 67% (15 more students)
    3rd: 47% - 71% (11 more students)
    4th: 51% - 73% (11 more students)
    5th: 56% - 72% (6 more students

    2018-2019 Attendance Improvement
    95% attendance rate for each student (90% is policy)

    Click here to view Jefferson School Improvement Plan