Title I Schoolwide Plan

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    The Grand Island Public Schools commits to meeting all requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 including Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) amendments as they apply to all Title 1 programs conducted within the District. For the purpose of this policy “parents and family members” means “parents and persons in a parental relation to the student.” This Policy will be distributed to all parents annually, in a language that parents can understand.
    The District recognizes the unique needs of students who are being served through the Title 1 Program and stresses the importance of parent and family member involvement in the academic success of their children. Opportunities will be provided for parent and family member involvement in their child's education in the following manner:

    1. Parents and family members will be involved in the planning, review, development and approval of the Parent and Family Member Engagement Policy through at least one annual meeting held at a convenient time during the first semester.

    2. The District will strive to build the capacity for strong engagement of the school, parents and family members by developing School/Parent Compacts to strengthen communication between the home and school:
    - By providing annual meetings in Title 1 buildings to explain Title 1 to parents and family members;
    - By training parents and family members in how to help their children at home;
    - By sharing district standards, benchmarks, and assessments to parents and family members and explaining to them how to help monitor the progress of their children; and
    By providing parent and family member resource centers at each site.

    3. Parents and family members will be provided timely information regarding the District’s curriculum, academic assessments used, and proficiency levels expected of all students through the student handbook, parent/teacher conferences, report cards and progress reports along with other communications opportunities.

    4. Parents and family members will be provided opportunities to participate, as appropriate, in decisions relating to the education of their children regarding such matters as curriculum, assessments and student performance standards through the School Improvement Plan, Title 1 reviews and plans, and other means as available.

    5. The District will coordinate and integrate parent and family member engagement programs and activities with other community programs such as Head Start, Reading First, Title III and Migrant programs, public libraries, public preschools, instructional support services and other federal, state and local programs.

    6. Parents and family members will be provided assistance, opportunities, and/or materials to build their capacity for strong parent and family member engagement and help them understand the topics relating to their child's academic achievement. This will be done in a language they can understand including participation of parents and family members with limited English proficiency, parents and family members with disabilities, and parents and family members of migratory children.

    7. The District will conduct an annual evaluation by written survey, telephone survey, or in person, of the content and effectiveness of the Title 1 Parent and Family Member Engagement Policy and its procedural elements. The survey will be used by the District to guide implementation of the Title 1 program, to determine if needs are being met, and reduce barriers to participation.

    Legal Reference: Neb. Statute 79-530 to 533
    Title 92, Chapter 51, Nebraska Administrative Code
    No Child Left Behind, Title 1, Sec. 1118, P.L. 107-110
    Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
    NDE Guidance – Revised 7.25.2017

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