History of Jefferson Elementary

  • Outdoor photo of Jefferson Elementary School



    In 1971 a new building was designed with additional property acquired. The building was designed with the open concept in mind. The new school would preserve the newer section of the old school built in 1950. Construction proceeded immediately with a formal ground breaking ceremony on November 1, 1972. Facilities were leased from various churches and students were moved into these locations for the last two months of school in 1972. With the completion of the school, students were able to begin a new year in a new school in August of 1973. A formal dedication was held November 11.


    Jefferson Built in 1911
    Jefferson School was originally built as two rooms to house K-3. In 1913, an addition was built; two rooms in the North and four rooms on the second story,making an eight room building. The Janitor lived in the basement which was quite a common practice in those days. Four additional classrooms and and auditorium were completed in the fall of 1920. The fall of 1950 saw school opening with a three classroom addition and several rooms remodeled or renovated. Jefferson's school program was enhanced by the development of a media center in the basement on the late 1950's or early 1960's.


    Jefferson Elementary is named after our 3rd President Thomas Jefferson.