Newell's Media Policies

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    Newell's Book Policy

    Book Check-out Policy
    By checking out a book, you assume responsibility for its care and timely return.

    Overdue Books
    Books are deemed overdue after 2 weeks after original checkout date. If you have a book that is overdue, your privilege to check-out books is limited until the book is returned.

    Damaged Books
    If a book is damaged, your privilege to checkout any books is limited until book is paid in full.

    Lost Books
    If a book is lost, your privilege to checkout other books is limited until the book is found or paid in full. If the book is found after payment, money will be refunded in full, provided the book is not damaged.

    Open Checkout
    Open checkout is available throughout the day. There is no open check out from 8:00-8:30. There may be other times when open check out is not available. A sign saying "No Open Check-out" will be posted.

    Inter-library Loans and Return Date for All Books

    Follow district guidelines.

    Newell's Equipment Policy

    The user is responsible for the care of all equipment and its return to the correct location.

    Food and drink is not permitted in the presence of equipment.

    Clean hands.

    Equipment must be carried with two hands.

    Desk space under equipment should be clear of all objects.

Card Catalog

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