School Report


    Click here to see the Nebraska Department of Education State of Schools Report for Gates Elementary.


    This summary provides information and results for our school’s improvement process. By design, broad improvement goals are established that take several years to fully achieve. All staff help identify and implement a few powerful research based improvement strategies, which are assessed annually in terms of student learning gains.

    Reading/Writing:   Gates students will show growth in English Language Arts, reaching 78% proficiency by May of 2016, as measured by Lexile bands, district formative and summative assessments, and Nebraska State Assessments. By utilizing a balanced literacy (reading/writing) framework, which is supported by research and best practices, students will reach a final goal of 85% mastery by May 2019.  See full details.

    Problem Solving:  Gates students will show growth in math, reaching 80% proficiency by May of 2016, as measured by district formative and summative assessments, as well as the Nebraska State Math Assessment. By using best practices, students will learn math content, make sense of authentic problems, and persevere in solving them in order to reach a final goal of 85% mastery by May 2019. Although many of our district scores were well into 80% proficient and improving from the previous years, our norm testing were not all so promising. Our K-5 District Math Benchmarks assessments saw an increase from 82% proficient or higher to 86% proficient or higher and our monthly 2 pt and 4 pt problem solving assessments increased from 79% to 84% proficient or higher. It was the first year we implemented MAPS and CPPA testing for K-5. Our K-2 CPAA Math results yielded 79% proficient and our 3-5 MAPS Math resulted a mere 56% proficient. NeSA Math scores decreased significantly in fifth grade from 77% proficient to 55% proficient creating a not met across the board for all 3-5 Math students in all demographic areas. Third grade had increased their scores from 76% to 81% proficient and fourth grade maintained 91% proficient both years.

    Gates students will also show growth in solving authentic problems through the application of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking in other curricular areas by moving from proficient to advanced by May of 2016, as measured by Clarity data, and a building solving problems rubric used across curricular areas.  See full details.

    Climate/Culture:  All members of the Gates community will be encouraged to build a positive environment; empowered to be safe, respectful, and responsible; and inspired to lead a healthy lifestyle as measured annually by positive communication statistics, showing an annual growth of 5%.  See full details.