• Outdoor photo of Wasmer Elementary School


    Original Wasmer

    The building was named for Mr. Charles Wasmer, who donated the land for this school.  The first Wasmer school was erected in 1886 on this site. It was a one-story, two-room and basement brick building. The custodian lived in the basement. It cost $5,125.00 to build the original building.


    The building was completely rebuilt and enlarged in 1926, in 1943, and again in 1950. A two room temporary building was added to the site in 1989 to relieve crowded conditions in the building.

    A Media Center was organized at Wasmer in a small upstairs room. It was moved to a remodeled room in the basement in 1974. One of the first-floor classrooms was made accessible for handicapped students. A pre-school operated in the building for four years until an increase in enrollment made it necessary to move the program to another building.


    New Wasmer

    The new Wasmer Elementary building opened in August for the 2000-2001 school year.  It has several features that make this building different than most. Since it is two stories and must be handicapped accessible, it has an elevator. The gym is carpeted. This gym is larger than most elementary gyms. Students are able to bounce balls and do anything that they could on a gym with a hard floor. The cafeteria has a sky light to match its bowed windows lining the back of the room. There is a really neat color scheme of tile on the floor to accent the room. The library and the media center have unique and unusual ceiling designs. The building is electric with individual heating systems for each room. Classrooms are large with windows, cabinets, and marker boards. New playground equipment and landscaping surrounds the building.