School Profile

  • Starr Elementary students working in a classroom              


    • Approximately 475 students
    • Average student class size: 20

    Staff includes:

    • Principal - John Hauser
    • Secretary - Teri Gentleman
    • 16 Regular Education Teachers
    • 3 Early Learning Center Teachers
    • School counselors -Whitney Ehrman & Tracey Trampe
    • Half-time Social worker - Nicki Nesvara
    • Vocal music and Physical Education instructors - Zoe Dahlgren, Sarah Wolf, Jeremy McFarland and Brooke Wentzlaff
    • Full-time Nurse - Monti Starkey 
    • 3 Special education teachers as well as speech and occupational therapy
    • 3 English Language Learner teachers as well as 2 full-time translators
    • Regular and special education para-educators
    • Integration specialists and technology assistant - Beth McCracken, Valerie Chmelka, and Liliana Cortez
    • Instructional Coaches Shawna Senff and Stephanie Frankforter


    • iPad carts in Preschool
    • 1:1 Chromebook carts in each classroom K-5
    • Computer lab and chromebook cart
    • Wireless access throughout the building
    • Synergy / Connect-ED (web-based school/home communication)
    • Over 11,000 books 

    GIPS NCLB Information

    No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act is a new name for the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. It is an annual measure of student participation and achievement on statewide assessments and other indicators. This act provides federal regulations that guide services for school-age students.