Welcome to Newell Elementary!

  • Welcome Knights of Newell!

    When it comes to what we believe about education, this quote does well in summarizing what Newell Elementary is all about.

    "There is a doctrine that is fundamental in American education. That is: every child born or adopted by this republic has by virtue of that fact the right to have developed whatever of talent he may possess, without reference to the quality, quantity, or type of that talent, under conditions favorable to such development, and that he shall have assured to him the opportunity to go as far as his ability and ambition will permit in order that he may live his life more abundantly than he otherwise could." - Claude L. Kulp

    As a staff we are looking forward to giving your child the opportunity to live an "abundant" life by providing an encouraging, engaging and academically challenging environment. Should you ever have any questions, please be sure to let us know!


    "To provide a safe and nurturing learning environment where students can develop to their fullest potential while becoming independent learners."

    - Nate Balcom, Principal

Nate Balcom headshot