Every Student, Every Day, A Success! What does this mean?

Annual Report: West Lawn embraces differences in all students

At West Lawn Elementary, our staff embrace the differences that make each of our children unique. Each student has different needs, and no matter if a child is in the general education classroom or a special education, English Language Learner, High Ability Learner or any other program, we do not make excuses. We find a way to meet student needs academically, socially and emotionally. Everyone on staff at West Lawn is an expert at something. That expertise will change the life of someone's child.

New resources and a new schedule are making an impact this year at West Lawn. We are excited about the effect it will have on our students two and three years down the road as our students and staff gain experience.

We care about our students. We consider all of our students and staff to be one big family. Parents can feel secure in knowing their child is safe while receiving a high-quality education. Parents are welcome whenever they come in the building and we invite them to come to West Lawn, whether it is for their child's event or just to eat lunch.  

Teaching their children is a collaborative effort involving parents just as much as the teacher. We are honored to be trusted with students and their educational journey. We also know success is a group effort and we are certainly better together.

GIPS, as a district, is made up of more than 1,500 staff members across 14 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, one high school, a preschool and various alternative campuses, all dedicated to our 9,800 students.

Our focus is continuing to get our students future ready. We are doing so by being better together. We invite you to learn more about the district’s efforts in our 2015-2016 GIPS Annual Report.


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