Middle School Program Components

Success Academy's expectations are:

  • To provide an opportunity for every student to obtain academic credit in an alternative learning environment
  • To provide each student career exploration activities and/or vocational work experience
  • To provide learning experiences with extended teacher and peer supports that enable students to graduate with their individual cohort
  • To provide learning experiences that enable students to be successful in post secondary learning and work environments
  • To provide relative autonomy from standard district operating procedures as approved by the superintendent

The Success Academy's culture provides a safe environment that is structured with behavioral expectations that are clear to students and staff. Our emphasis is placed on the creation of a highly structured environment with opportunities for positive reinforcement rather than punitive behavior management.

The Middle School Success Academy uses the following framework for their students

Level 1

  • No personal electronic devices
  • 85% on DoJo for 5 consecutive days to move up
  • Students are accompanied everywhere.

Level 2

  • 90% on DoJo weekly average
  • Personal Electronics may be used at appropriate times.
  • Students are accompanied everywhere.
  • If expectations are not met, students can be moved down in levels.

Level 3

  • 90% on DoJo each week to stay at level 3.
  • Personal Electronics may be used at appropriate times.
  • Transition into a Westridge class (PE/Art)
    • Student will be eligible when the Westridge class agrees and starts a new unit.
    • Student must get point sheet signed daily
    • Students may be pulled from this level by not following the expectations.
      • Final decision will be made by Success Academy Principal
  • Still accompanied except when attending Westridge class.
  • If expectations are not met, students can be moved down in levels

Level 4

  • Prior to a New Trimester if the student has successfully completed the previous levels  we will recommend a transition back to the home school. The home school may choose a ½ day or whole day transition.




In order to develop a framework for interaction,  the SUCCESS ACADEMY program has adopted the following:

The Skills Academy follows three basic rules:

  • Be Safe
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Respectful