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Welcome to the Starr Library!

Once a week, each class visits the library to check out books. Our library contains books for students of all reading ability levels. Students use Follett Destiny to look up information about books or find books that are the best fit for them.   We try to help them each week to find books that are engaging to every reader.

We welcome our new Integration Specialist Beth McCracken to Starr this year.  She was last at the Hastings Public Library but has lots of experience with teaching students at the elementary and high school levels.  

While our students miss being constantly immersed in technology they are really enjoying story time and our makerspace where they can draw and color, do puzzles and learn sign language.  These stations will change throughout the year.  If you have small games, legos or building sets you need to get rid of we would love to take them off your hands.

Our Library Checkout schedule is as follows:

checkout schedult

If you have any questions about the library, please contact:
Ms. McCracken, Integration Specialist

Mrs. Mettenbrink, Technology Assistant
Mr. SanRoman, Technology Assistant