AP Chemistry

Grades: 11,12

Semesters: Fall & Spring

Length: Year-long


  • Chemistry Honors
  • Pre-Calculus Assessment scores
  • Physics is desirable
  • Concurrent enrollment in AP Calculus is encouraged
  • Teacher recommendation

AP Chemistry is the equivalent of a first year, college general chemistry course. Students will study the atomic theory of matter as well as observations and predictions of chemical properties based on pattern in chemical reactions. Students will perform in-depth stoichiometric calculations and use gas laws to predict ideal and real gas behaviors as well as quantities. The use of Coulomb's law will be required so that students can predict intermolecular forces and particulate attractions. Students will investigate equilibrium reactions and study acid-base behaviors including buffers. Additional topics will include oxidation-reduction reactions and electrochemistry topics such as galvanic and electrolytic cells and thermochemistry topics such as Gibb's free energy and the use of Hess's Law. Students are strongly encouraged to take the cumulative AP exam in May.