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Wasmer Hosts Family Math Night at the Grocery Store

Wasmer families working on math worksheets at the Super Saver produce section

February 14th, 2024

Grocery stores make great classrooms.

Between endless varieties of produce, meats, and ice cream, to building out grocery lists, to expanding healthy eating habits — learning opportunities fill every aisle.  For one Grand Island Public Schools Elementary school, going to the grocery store has become a cornerstone of learning fun and family engagement.  

Specifically for math.  

Back in 2019, Wasmer Elementary launched a new annual tradition:  Family Math Night at Super Saver.

“We were looking for an event to break up the post-holiday doldrums.” Mr. James Tews, Wasmer Principal, recalled, “I wanted to get out into the community, but to do something close to our school, so I reached out to the store manager at Super Saver and asked if he would like to partner with our school to hold a community learning night.  He was very receptive to the idea and volunteered gift cards as prizes to further incentivize families to attend.”

And so, Family Math Night at the grocery store was born.

Wasmer family working on math problems with bananas at Super Saver.

Here is how it works:

Wasmer students and families are invited to join the come-and-go fun at Super Saver one night in January.  Each family is provided a grade-level worksheet filled with fun, interactive math-based activities that take them throughout the store.  Everyone gets a ruler and a pencil and they are off!

Each math question challenges the student and family to find the grocery store solution together.  Here is one example from the 2nd Grade worksheet:

“Which costs more: a loaf of bread or a bag of chips?  Write a comparison equation for these items using the greater than or less than symbol.  Example:  $2.99 < $4.28.”

Smiles filled the aisles at this year’s edition of Family Math Night.  Wasmer staff are even on-hand throughout the store to share in the excitement and assist if needed.  But the purpose goes deeper.

“When families participate in learning activities together, they not only provide academic support but also model positive attitudes toward learning.” Mr. Tews affirmed, “This also helps promote family bonds and communication, which benefits the family and also sets the student up for future success.”

Two smiling Wasmer Elementary teachers helping families in the bread aisle at Super Saver.


All of it is rooted in real-world learning.  While going to the grocery store may seem like an ordinary task, the chance to apply true mathematical concepts in everyday life helps bring learning to life in a familiar — and fun — way for students.  Not to mention the reinforcement that, yes, math is important outside of the classroom.  

Family Math Night at the Grocery Store has become an event Wasmer students, families, and staff all look forward to.  For Mr. Tews, it is all about the family connections. 

“My absolute favorite part of family math night is walking around the store and seeing the families of our students working together to solve the math problems. It is fun to interact with the students and families in a different environment outside the building.”