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"5th Grade Poetry & Classroom Creativity" - The GIPS Cast, Ep. 24

How do you unlock creativity and critical thinking? Poetry might be the answer.

Every year 5th Graders across the district explore a Poetry Unit as part of our English Language Arts Curriculum. And it’s really cool to see our students explore poetry — many of them for the first time.

At Stolley Park Elementary, they take it to another level.

For three years running now, the 5th Grade classes at Stolley Park host a Poetry Night. Families come to the school and have an opportunity to hear their students share original poetry they wrote during the unit. Not to be outdone, just a few days before the Annual Poetry Night they had a special guest come by and lead a workshop… Nebraska State Poet, Matt Mason!

Hear from a few of our student poets, Mr. Butters & Mrs. Rose-Osgood, and our State Poet.  


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