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Temporary Principal Transition at Seedling Mile

Julie Martin headshot

October 20, 2023

A temporary leadership transition will be taking place at Seedling Mile starting next week.

As many in the Grand Island community know, Mrs. Jennie Ritter, current Seedling Mile Principal, and her husband are foster parents.  Earlier this week, they were called to provide foster care for a newborn baby.  Grand Island Public Schools wants to support Mrs. Ritter and her family as her family welcomes a new child to their home.

Starting next week, Jennie Ritter will be taking a 4-6 week leave from the Principal role at Seedling Mile.  This will give her family the time they need to bond with their new foster child. 

GIPS is pleased to share that Mrs. Julie Martin (pictured above) will be graciously serving as Interim Principal at Seedling Mile while Jennie is on leave.

Mrs. Martin is a familiar face to our district.  She was a former teacher and integration specialist at Seedling Mile from 1998 - 2002 and then moved to Gates Elementary and was the Principal there for 15 years.  It’ll be good to have her back in our district for a short time as she is perfectly qualified to help support the Seedling Mile staff, students, and families. 

Mrs. Martin will be in consistent communication with Mrs. Ritter throughout the weeks as well.

For the Science Curriculum, Mrs. Ritter will continue to be the point of contact for all things Science at GIPS.  Much of her work, follow-ups, and collaboration will likely be conducted online but she is committed to keeping our positive momentum for science moving forward.  

After the 4-6 weeks, Mrs. Ritter will return to her Principal role at Seedling Mile. 

GIPS understands this is a bit of a change for the school year, but the district is grateful to be able to support Mrs. Ritter and her family in this way.

If you have questions about the temporary transition at Seedling Mile, you may reach out through Let's Talk or call 308.385.5910.