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GIPS Affirms Gates & Seedling Mile Elementary Schools

September 9, 2022

We wanted to reach out and share with you personally that we are grateful for our Gates & Seedling Mile students, staff, and families at Grand Island Public Schools.

For decades Gates & Seedling Mile Elementaries have been rich, creative, and vital learning environments for droves of children — including your own. We want that to continue for years to come.

We were made aware of an inaccurate rumor circulating on social media that those buildings were in danger of closing. The rumor is absolutely false. In fact, there has not been any discussion among the Superintendent and Board of Education of this magnitude. Gates & Seedling Mile will remain open and serving students as they always have.

Gates & Seedling Mile Elementaries are not going anywhere.

We want to affirm for you GIPS intends to keep these wonderful schools open and thriving.

We would also like to apologize for the collateral damage and confusion that social media often provides. You, our parents, beloved students, and community, deserve better. We have no patience for slander against our schools or the amazing work our staff are doing. We are in their corner one hundred percent. And thank you for your ongoing support of the district.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to us.
Please know, we, Mr. Eckerman and Mrs. LaBrie, and the whole district stand behind these schools. We’re excited to see all the wonderful learning take place this year and beyond at Gates & Seedling Mile! 

Thank you for being a vibrant fixture of Grand Island Public Schools and our community!

Better & Stronger Together, 
- Dr. Tawana Grover, Superintendent & Lisa Albers, Board President
Grand Island Public Schools