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Knickrehm student’s art wins state poster contest, promotes poison prevention

One student’s love of drawing has helped make a state-wide impact on poison control and prevention.


Meelah Tarango, a fifth grader at Knickrehm Elementary, was recently named the fifth grade winner for the 2023 Nebraska Regional Poison Center’s poster contest. 


The contest, open to fourth and fifth graders, raises awareness for National Poison Prevention Week in late March. The two winners get their contest artwork printed on billboards around the state, and are recognized with a trip to the capitol to meet the Governor.


“When I saw it (the billboard), I felt really proud of myself,” Meelah said.

contest winners

The opportunity was presented to Knickrehm students through the art club, led by fifth grade teacher Angela Jenness. 


Students in the club arrive at 7:30 a.m. and work on projects until 8 a.m. before school. Jenness said she hopes the art club helps give students more confidence.


“Not every kid has that confidence in their academics,” Jenness said. 


She said she hopes giving students another outlet through art will trickle down into their confidence with academics.


Meelah said the art club has helped provide her with a creative outlet that has also served as a stress reliever.


“I really like drawing a lot,” Meelah said. “I feel like you can get away from stuff when you’re drawing,” she said.