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"Our Today; Their Tomorrow" - The GIPS Cast, Ep. 18

It's all about the "why".

The 2023-24 school year has arrived and we're hitting the ground running and welcoming students and families back into our schools.

One thing we do at Grand Island Public Schools is we pick a theme for each school year. A phrase that helps set the stage for our 1,500+ staff to confidently step into another school year ready to engage our students as they learn, discover, and grow.

This year’s theme is: “Our Today; Their Tomorrow”.

A simple encapsulation of what it is we do at our public schools – making each day count in the moment while empowering future generations to achieve.

We couldn’t think of a better way to start the 2023-24 school year here at "The GIPS Cast" than by sharing voices from our everyday heroes – our staff. So, we sat down with thirteen GIPS teachers, counselors, administrators, and support staff and we asked them the same two questions:

  • What does “Our Today; Their Tomorrow” mean to you?
  • And what is your hope for your students?

And the answers… well, the answers were pretty remarkable.

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GIPS Cast logo with headshots of teacher guests and text reading: Our Today; Their Tomorrow ft. GIPS Educators

  • Jason Weseman, 5th Grade Teacher - Howard Elementary
  • Jen Kramer, Social Studies Teacher - Westridge Middle School
  • Pat Doyle, Strength & Condition Coach - Grand Island Senior High
  • Lacy Biberos, 6th Grade Math - Barr Middle School
  • Roger Fisher, Head Custodian - Starr Elementary
  • Mike Persampieri, Assistant Principal - Walnut Middle School
  • Emerald Tolles, 1st Grade Teacher - Wasmer Elementary
  • Kaylee Cellar, English Teacher - Grand Island Senior High
  • Rob Bishop, GIPS Positive Supports Coordinator
  • Marty Markvicka, School Psychologist - Gates Elementary
  • Micki Nuss, Art Teacher - Grand Island Senior High
  • Seung Yeon Lee, Science Teacher - Grand Island Senior High
  • Dawn Deuel-Rutt, Social Worker - Success Academy