Career and College Readiness

One goal of Grand Island Public Schools is all students will graduate with skills to be career and college ready. To accomplish this, various programs are in place to prepare students for the next step in their journey after leaving high school.

The classes in these programs are designed specifically to prepare students for the next level of their journey. AP classes are college-level classes taught in high school. Dual Credit/CCC classes are actual community college classes. CPI prepares students for career and higher education.

Advanced Placement Program

National program designed for students planning to attend a four-year college or university.

AP classes are a way for students to earn college credit. The program is based on national curriculum. Student complete the course and are required to take an AP Exam.

  • College credit earned is dependent on the grade received on the exam and is up to the college.
  • Students typically start in honors classes as freshman and take AP classes as juniors and seniors.
  • GIPS covers the cost of the AP exam.
  • Classes are available in math, science, language arts, economics, history, government and computer science.
  • For a list of AP classes and more information on the AP Program, click here.

Dual Credit/CCC

Designed for students who will seek an associates degree or attend an in-state college or university.

This program allows students to pay for college credit while also earning high school credit. Students who sign up actually enroll as students at Central Community College, but because GISH staff are qualified, all classes are held during the school day at Senior High.

  • Students must earn at least a 'C' grade to receive college credit.
  • Students need to pay for the class at CCC to receive college credit.
  • Scholarships are available for students to take these classes.
  • Classes are available in history, economics, language arts, math, Spanish and public speaking.
  • View the course handbook for a list of Dual Credit/CCC options.

Career Pathways Institute

Designed for students eying a specific career, including both those that start directly after high school or require higher education.

CPI is a career-driven program offering hands-on experience along with classroom training.

  • Students must apply to attend CPI.
  • CPI includes classes at Adam Street Campus, GISH and CCC.
  • Students work to earn national industry standard certifications and licenses.
  • Depending on the pathway, students may also take Dual Credit or AP classes, earning college credit.
  • Pathways include computer science, manufacturing, automotive, drafting, construction, medical, business, marketing, graphic design and more.
  • Visit the CPI website for more information on the program, how to apply and what pathways are offered.

Grand Island Senior High staff

Senior High is able to offer these programs because of our high quality of staff. In order to teach these classes, teachers must meet specific qualifications, have certain degrees and/or be certified to do so. Grand Island Public Schools takes great pride in being able to offer students these opportunities because of the expertise of our staff.

For more information:

To learn more about these programs, contact your student's academic counselor at Senior High.

Counseling office phone: (308) 385-5574

Find your counselor:

Your counselor is based on the first letter of your last name:

  • A-Cam: Ron Moran
  • Can-E: Andy Manhart
  • F-He: Melissa Luthi-Placke
  • Hi-L: Julie Hehnke
  • M-N: Mindy Ulmer
  • O-Rh: Holee Hanke
  • Ri-Te: Larry Uhing
  • Tf-Z: Dave Woods

IMPORTANT NOTE: The credit a college or university accepts is entirely up to the individual college or university. Students should always confirm with their college admission officials about which credits will transfer, which will count as electives and which will not be accepted at all.