Your Legacy.
Their Opportunity.

Enhancing opportunities by seeking and securing resources for projects, scholarships and programs.

Access digital copies of our district flyers.

Improving school-to-home communication by distribute school flyers directly to families digitally.

Welcome to all incoming Grand Island Senior High School students!

At the Academies of Grand Island Senior High, you decide your electives and your pathway.

We invite you and your family to explore these options below through our virtual open house. 

Start by taking a tour!

Hear from Grand Island Senior High School Principal Jeff Gilbertston and the Academy Principals!

 Explore the Academy of Business & Communications with a welcome video featuring Principal Fawn Gernstein.

Explore the Academy of Engineering & Technology with a welcome video featuring Principal Matt Wichman.

Explore the Academy of Education, Law & Public Safety with a welcome video featuring Principal Ron Hester.

Explore the Academy of Medical Sciences with a welcome video featuring Principal Greg Schlegel.

Explore the Academy of Technical Sciences with a welcome video featuring Principal D.W. Holley.


This is our promise to students. It was written by students as their expectation of what the district must follow through with the Academies of Grand Island Senior High:

At GISH, we have pride in our academies. We own our learning, which provides fun opportunities where everyone has a place that is relevant to our future. Our voices are heard and we create meaningful relationships built on trust.

My choice. Our Voice.


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