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Senior Class Newsletter April/May 2019



Class Flower:  Sunflower
Class Colors:  Silver and Maroon
Class Song:     "I'll Always Remember You" by Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana
Class Motto:    "Every ending is the beginning of something new"
Prom Theme:   Masquerade


Cap and Gown Measurement and Diploma Orders


All seniors who are participating in the Graduation Ceremony on Sunday, May 19th will need a new cap and gown. Cap and gown unit (cap, gown, tassel and diploma) orders have been placed for seniors anticipating graduation. If you have not already done so, you will need to see Mrs. Hoesche in the West office to pay for your cap/gown unit. The cost is $40. Cash, check or money order - NO debit or credit cards. Caps/gowns will be distributed to students on Class Day after graduation rehearsal provided all fines/fees have been paid.

Important!!!! Scholarships

Mrs. Hoesche

If you want to have your scholarships listed by your name in the Graduation Program at the ceremony, you must present a copy of your award letters to Mrs. Hoesche in the West Office ASAP.  In most instances, we will list scholarships you have been offered whether you accept them or not. No scholarships will be added to the program after Friday, May 3rd.

Fines and Fees

  • Check to see if you have fines!
    • All fines are available online in Infinite Campus
    • Check in the media center in person to see if you have any book fines (all books are due May 1, 2019).
  • Seniors must return Chromebooks (charger and case) to the tech office, all textbooks and other materials to their teachers.
  • Your cap and gown will not be distributed until all textbooks are returned and/or all fines are paid.
  • If you are unsure if you have a fine, check:
    • Type of fine or fee
      • For Nutrition Services see Mrs. Eastman in the North Cafe
      • Books (not textbooks) see Ms. Hill in the Media Center
      • Technology/Chromebooks see Ms. Nearhood or Mrs. Evans in the Tech Office
      • Everything else see Mrs. Christensen in the East Office
    • Save your receipts of fines paid to show anyone who says you still have a fine or fee to pay.


Last Week Schedule & “Class Day”

Thursday      May 16           Full day of classes
                                             Islander Time (first 10 minutes) - Locker Check Out
                                             Textbooks returned

 Friday            May 17           Senior Celebration & Graduation Rehearsal

Seniors meet in the Auditorium at 8:30 AM for Class Day

  • The 2019 class officers will address the class with a presentation celebrating the successes of graduation, and memories will be shared.
  • Student speakers
  • GISH Administrators address the class
  • Mr. Woods and Mr. Gilbertson run through graduation rehearsal procedures and expectations during graduation.
  • Seniors move to West Gym, Juniors will line the 400 wing hallway
  • Graduation rehearsal 
  • Seating order, walking in/out and name pronunciation
  • Cap and gown distribution (Provided student has no unpaid fines)
  • Provided all goes well, we should be done by 12:30 PM

Seniors must attend rehearsal to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Seniors with outstanding fines will not be issued their caps and gowns after Graduation rehearsal until all materials are checked in or all fines are paid.


Chromebook Turn-in SENIORS                    

Ms. Nearhood / Mrs. Evans


Seniors must return Chromebooks, chargers, and cases to the tech office. Chromebooks can be turned in as soon as seniors are sure they won’t need them in a class.

Any senior that hasn’t turned-in their Chromebook, charger, and case prior to Thursday, May 9th MUST DO SO that day.

Fines will be assessed to student accounts for no Chromebook charger, and damaged or missing items; these fines MUST be paid prior to picking up cap & gown. Fines (without “coverage” if coverage hasn’t been used): charger-$50.00, case -$22.00, broken screen -$40.00; entire Chromebook-$166 or $177.   (This is only a partial listing of possible fees.)

If you have lost your Chromebook your account will be assessed $221.00 (G4) or $234.00 (G5). 

Exceptions will only be made on this due date if you happen to have a final exam the last week and you need your Chromebook for it. You must let the tech office know ahead of time so you will not be charged for it in Infinite Campus and have to deal with a bunch of fines later.


From the Media Center

Mr. Funkey


Your Media Center account must be cleared of all items.  Those marked “lost” or damaged prior to March 1, 2019, are listed already with fines in Infinite Campus.  Fine notices will be distributed again in April.  Please return books and DVDs ASAP.  If you can’t find them, the fines must be paid IN THE MEDIA CENTER by May 1, 2019.  Please see Mr. Funkey or Ms. Hill in the Media Center if you need more information.


Seniors … it’s decision time! 


                                                                                                                                                    Omaha – 888.357.6300  Lincoln – 800.303.3745  Kearney – 800.666.3721

Here’s how to make your final college decision. 

  • Compare your college acceptance letters, financial aid award notifications, and campus visit notes. List the pros and cons of each school using the following criteria:
    • Location – Is the college too close? If you come home every weekend, you won’t experience true campus life. Is the college too far away? If so, you may not make it home as often as you’d like.
    • Cost – Can your family afford the school? What can you expect for financial aid beyond your freshman year? Did you receive renewable scholarships? How much in student and parent loans will you need to borrow to cover expenses?
    • Academic program – Which college offers the degree program that best fits your career interests? What happens if you change majors? Does the college offer other degree programs that interest you?
    • Student life – Does the school offer activities you will enjoy? If you plan to live on campus, do you like the housing arrangements provided by the school? Will you have an opportunity to work on or near campus? 


Make your final decision by May 1 – and then notify the colleges you’re rejecting so they can offer your spot, and any financial aid, to another student. Many schools will assume you are rejecting if they do not hear from you by their deadline.

Visit for college selection tools including the Award Letter Comparison Calculator, the College Comparison Calculator, and information about student and parent loans.

Answers to all of your questions:

How do I get my scholarship money?

Make sure you know the procedure for receiving your scholarship money before you leave for summer vacation. The information should be included in your award letter or materials you have received in the mail or from your counselor (if it came to the school). Contact the scholarship source immediately upon receiving the scholarship notification. Often you have to provide proof of enrollment (a list of your fall college classes) each semester. Save your tuition bills to demonstrate proof of enrollment. The school’s secretaries cannot be responsible for tracking down your award money this summer!

Will I need my school health records?

Yes, health records will be included in the diploma envelope that you will receive after commencement. Please do not destroy your school health records. Many colleges, universities, armed forces, and employers ask for them. PUT YOUR HEALTH RECORDS IN A SAFE PLACE ALONG WITH YOUR HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA. GISH does not keep copies of the high school diploma. Your transcript will be the only document that is kept on file. Cum folders are shredded after 3 years.

When will my transcript be available?

All seniors must complete the Post High School Planning Form that designates which post-secondary institution they plan to attend and where they wish their final transcript to be sent. If you need NCAA or NAIA Eligibility, make sure the registrar knows to send your final transcript to NCAA or NAIA as well as your college. This form will be distributed during senior English with from a counselor. If you do not get one of these filled out, you need to complete a form with the registrar, Ms. Hulme or Mrs. Hoesche. Final transcripts will be mailed to colleges and universities around June 14th. Seniors who need an additional transcript for any purpose may obtain one by downloading a form off GISH’s web site. However, to request one in person, you can go to the East Office during the summer (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.). Transcripts are $2 each.  Call if you have a change in college choice. Final transcripts will include semester grades, ending GPA, and final class ranking. If you wish colleges to get a list of your high school activities, send them in resume format, as they are not part of the transcript. The final transcript does NOT include ACT scores. If you need ACT scores, you must request them from ACT directly at

Final report cards will be mailed home. When you receive your report card, check your grades carefully as your report card grades become part of the final transcript. If you have any questions about a grade, a subject missing, dropped classes, or your attendance record, please call or come to the school immediately so a correction can be made.

Will I need a CCC transcript?

Yes, dual credit classes must be verified with a transcript from CCC. Request that CCC send a transcript to your college and make sure you have a CCC transcript with you when you attend your college advisory session. You will need your social security number and a CCC transcript request form, which is online (go to Quick Links). You may print an “unofficial” transcript from the CCC website. Call 398-4222 and ask for the CCC registrar’s office.


Things to do before you graduate:

  • Check with all of your teachers to make sure you are passing all your classes required for graduation, and see your counselor if you need help finalizing your post-secondary plans.
  • Take the recommended college placement exams. Contact your college admission’s office and make sure they have everything they need on file.
  • Housing deposits and health records need to be mailed to colleges. Students attending UNL need to send their enrollment deposit in order to get housing information.
  • April is the time to mail your graduation announcements and party invitations.
  • Make sure your counselor has a list of all scholarships you have earned along with copies of your award letters. If you do not do this, your scholarships will not be listed in the program or in the GI Independent.
  • Attend commencement rehearsal on May 18th. If you have early release, you will need to make the appropriate arrangements with car pools and employers to attend graduation rehearsal.
  • AP Reminder: those students who registered for the AP tests must report to the appropriate testing site (Administration Building or GISH). Check with your teacher to know where to go and when.
  • Reply promptly to colleges asking for your decisions. Accept scholarships immediately and review your financial aid package with your parents.
  • Send Thank You Notes to businesses for scholarships and to your favorite teachers.
  • Start buying your college supplies a little at a time over the summer so it is not so expensive in August.
  • Make sure a final transcript is sent to NCAA or NAIA if you need eligibility at a Division I or Division II school.


Scholarship warning…

If you receive offers for scholarship and financial aid services, investigate them if they charge a fee. EducationQuest will help you complete financial aid forms for free and will guide you to free scholarship resources. To learn more contact EducationQuest

For free help with college planning, contact EducationQuest Foundation:

Kearney                     Lincoln                       Omaha

308-234-6310           402-475-5222           402-391-4033

800-666-3721           800-303-3745           888-357-6300


Enrollment Deposit

Many colleges require an enrollment deposit and/or a rooming deposit by May 1st.  Check with the university/college you plan on attending and verify for sure what their deadlines are and be sure to take care of that!

For free help with the FAFSA or verification process, contact EducationQuest to make an appointment. See locations and phone numbers at the bottom of this bulletin. You may also submit questions via Facebook and Twitter. We will quickly respond!


Central Community College Summer Scholarship                                   


Central Community College is pleased to announce our Summer Scholarship for current juniors and graduating seniors. The application is found at  Check their web site for details.


Important information regarding the Summer Scholarship includes:

In order to be eligible, students must attend a high school in the CCC 25 county service area.
The award does not apply to Certified Nursing Assistant (NA) or Medical Aide (CMA) courses.
Assessment results will be utilized to determine appropriate course selection. (ACT or ASSET)

Graduation Procedures

Student grades are available on-line on the “Parent Portal”. Parents/Guardians, please talk to seniors about their grades. Seniors should know which courses they need to pass in order to graduate. It is imperative that seniors maintain 60% (or greater!)  in these classes. If a senior was failing a class needed to graduate at the end of the nine-week marking period, a letter was mailed to parents/guardians informing them of the deficiency. At the end of the twelve-week marking period, students still failing will be flagged for removal from the graduation program roster. Students and parents/guardians should contact the teacher to see if there is a mathematical possibility of passing the class and to develop an intervention plan.

If your senior is still failing the class on Wednesday, May 8th, his or her name will be permanently withdrawn from the graduation list, and the senior will not participate in graduation activities or graduation rehearsal.  

Seniors should then meet with their counselor and administrator to develop an alternative graduation plan.



GISH’s Graduation ceremony will be held on Sunday, May 19th, at 2:00 p.m. at the Heartland Events Center. Seniors, please meet at Fonner Park between 1:00 and 1:30 p.m. to line up. Graduates should enter on the south side of the Events Center and report to the Fonner Park Concourse to line up. There will be plenty of room for your friends and relatives, and there is no charge for attending graduation. Guests of the graduates can enter the Heartland Events Center through the North or South doors and go up the stairs to find seating. The graduates will be seated on the ground floor.

After graduation, families will be able to find their graduates exiting the Fonner Park Concourse either to the North or South of the Heartland Events Center into the parking lot.

Make a plan ahead of time where you will meet your graduate outside following graduation; either the North or South parking lot.


Graduation Attire

Caps and gowns will be distributed after graduation rehearsal, which will be at the end of Friday, May 17th. NHS students are reminded to wear their gold Honor Cords, and the top 15% should wear the medallions that they will receive with their cap and gown after the rehearsal.

Students ranking number one should wear the white stole, which will be distributed at Fonner Park and must be returned to Mr. Woods after the ceremony to receive the diploma.

Boys are expected to wear dress pants and dark shoes; a shirt and tie are recommended. No one in jeans or shorts will be allowed to participate in the ceremony.

Girls are expected to wear a dress, skirt, or slacks and blouse, and dress shoes. Tennis shoes, sports wear, or any other type of casual attire like blue jeans or t-shirts are not appropriate. GISH school dress code applies.

No extra materials (or designs) should be attached to your cap and gown. This means no tape/decorations on your cap!

Grand Island students in the past have treated graduation like the formal ceremony it is intended to be. We expect this year’s class and their families to do likewise.

If you plan to throw your cap after the ceremony, which is traditional, please make sure your name is in it. Lost caps can be picked up after graduation in the concourse.


Graduation Rules

  • Photography on the arena floor is not allowed.
  • Noise making devices are not permitted.
  • Cell phones should be silenced.
  • No silly string or beach balls allowed.
  • Guest should stay for the entire ceremony and not leave before the last graduate leaves the arena floor.


Diploma Distribution

Students will be issued only empty diploma jackets during graduation. Students must pick up their actual diploma and health records in the Fonner Park Concourse following graduation, provided their behavior during graduation is appropriate. Please check that the name is correct on your diploma. GISH DOES NOT RECEIVE COPIES OF THE HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA, NOR WILL GISH REPLACE LOST DIPLOMAS. Your permanent record is your transcript, not your high school diploma.


Graduation Pictures

Since family is not allowed on the main floor during the ceremony, a local photographer, Hal Maggorie, will take pictures during commencement. He will be on the ground floor and will take a picture of each graduate as they receive their diploma. The week after graduation, Hal Maggorie Photography will send a packet to your home so you can order graduation pictures. Call 381-7603 if you have questions for Hal Maggorie about a graduation picture packet. GISH will not be video recording the graduation.


What to take to College

Here is a list of items that students in the past have found helpful when packing for college.

  • Clothing
    • Boots
    • Closet organizers/shoe rack
    • Coat
    • Dress clothes
    • Dress shoes
    • Gloves
    • Hangers/over-the-door hooks
    • Jacket
    • Jeans
    • Robe
    • Sandals
    • Shorts
    • Shower shoes
    • Socks
    • Sweatshirts
    • Swimsuit
    • T-shirts
    • Tennis shoes
    • Underwear (a semester supply)
    • Workout clothes
  • Laundry Items
    • Hamper
    • Iron
    • Laundry bag
    • Laundry soap
    • Safety pins
    • Sewing kit
    • Softener sheets
    • Stain stick remover

  • Personal Items
    • Bath caddy/soap
    • Blow dryer
    • Cell phone/phone cards
    • Checkbook
    • Deodorant
    • Film/camera
    • Kleenex
    • Makeup
    • Nail clippers
    • Q-tips
    • Razor/shaving cream
    • Shampoo/conditioner
    • Toothbrush/dental floss
    • Toothpaste
    • Towels
    • Washcloths

  • Health Items
    • Advil/Tylenol
    • Band-aids
    • Cold medicine
    • First aid kit
    • Lip balm/sun screen
    • Proof of insurance
    • Rolaids
    • Vitamins/prescription drugs

  • Room Items
    • 6’ X 9’ piece of carpet
    • Adapter
    • Alarm clock
    • Batteries
    • Bean bag/chair
    • Comforter/blankets
    • Computer/laptop
    • Desk lamp
    • Extension cords
    • Fan
    • Filing cabinet
    • Flashlight
    • Footlocker
    • IPOD/electronics
    • Light bulbs
    • Lounge pillow
    • Magnetic hooks and baskets
    • Mattress pad (x-long)
    • Picture of your family
    • Pictures
    • Pillows
    • Power strip
    • Room lamp
    • Sheets (x-long twin) 2 sets
    • Small tool kit
    • Stacking cubes
    • Thumbtacks
    • TV/DVD player
    • Wall posters/picture board
    • Wastebasket
    • Wicker or canvas baskets
    • Wipe-off message board

  • School Supplies
    • Backpack
    • Calculator
    • Calendar
    • Envelopes/postcards
    • Folders
    • Fun tack
    • Highlighters
    • Notebooks
    • Paperclips
    • Pen/pencils
    • Pencil sharpener
    • Post it notes
    • Rubber bands
    • Scissors
    • Stamps
    • Stapler/staples
    • Tape/duct tape
    • Textbooks
    • White out
    • Misc. Items
    • Bike/lock/tarp
    • Bucket/bowl
    • Can opener
    • Cereal
    • Cleaning supplies
    • Dishcloth
    • Dish soap
    • Dishtowel
    • Disinfectant wipes
    • Dusting materials
    • Glass
    • Hot cocoa mix
    • Instant soups
    • Instant tea/coffee/oatmeal
    • Juice boxes
    • Macaroni and cheese
    • Microwave
    • Mug for soup/coffee
    • Paper towels
    • Plastic/paper dishes
    • Pop
    • Pop tarts
    • Popcorn/bowl
    • Refrigerator
    • Rollerblades
    • Silverware
    • Small water pitcher/jug
    • Thermo mug
    • Trail mix
    • Windex
    • Ziploc bags




Media Inquiries
Jack Sheard, Marketing & Communications
308-385-5900 Ext. 1127