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Senior Class Newsletter January 2019

Cap and Gown Measurement and Diploma Orders

Mrs. Hoesche 

Seniors: By now, you should have ordered your cap and gown. If you plan to participate in the Graduation Ceremony on Sunday, May 19, 2019, you must have a cap and gown. Due to different dye lots and companies, gowns from previous years cannot be worn.

Seniors who have not yet paid for their cap/gown/diploma need to do so. Stop by the West office and ask for Mrs. Hoesche. The cost for cap/gown/tassel/diploma is $40, which includes cap, gown, tassel and diploma. Seniors not participating in the graduation ceremony will still need to pay $20 for your diploma. FYI – if you pay for your diploma and don’t graduate you will have to pay for another one when you do graduate.

If you have questions, please see Mrs. Hoesche in the West office.


Scholarship Due Dates

Many scholarship deadlines are now!! Be sure to check with the actual institution for due dates, as potential changes will not be updated in this newsletter! Students are considered for Regents at UNL if they apply by February 1st. To be considered for most UNK Scholarships, you must apply by March 1st (check all university’s web sites for specific details). Additionally, the State Colleges’ Board of Trustees, Hastings College, Creighton, Doane Divisional, Elks Most Valuable Student, and the UNK Honors Program are all –usually- due sometime in January! There are still many important scholarship due dates fast approaching! Check to see if you qualify for any of these scholarships and do not miss deadlines! Check with the college/university website/admission staff of your choice for specific dates. If you have applied to colleges and have not received a letter of acceptance, call the college and check on the status of your application. Ask the admissions office if they have everything they need to admit you.


Local Scholarships Now Available                 


A listing of local scholarships was presented to all seniors on December 5th at an assembly. A short review, which was included in last month’s newsletter is included at the end of this newsletter. Students should look through the listing and identify scholarships for which they are eligible. Seniors will access some their scholarships through GISH’s web page under Counseling Office > Scholarship Information > Current Scholarship Information or you can type/click on  

Most scholarships require the GISH general scholarship application form; other applications are available under its listing and are downloadable (check each scholarship’s page for specifics). Many of these scholarships need to be mailed directly to the local businesses while others need to be turned in to the West Office. Please pay attention to the varying due dates! Paper copies of applications can be found in both the East and West Offices.


Grand Island Public Schools Foundation

Mrs. Skalberg

To apply for scholarships from the Grand Island Public Schools Foundation, students must complete an online application. Go to:
The online application is open now. Scroll down to the Online Scholarship Application button. Make sure that you follow all directions, complete the application as thoroughly as possible, and meet all deadlines. The final deadline is February 6th.


Scholarships –the how to-

Often, scholarship selection committees need to know more than class rank and test scores to choose recipients. On the GISH general scholarship application form, seniors are asked to write a personal statement. Online, students are directed to complete questions that correspond to specific scholarships. This is an opportunity for students to describe in detail the experiences they have had and to indicate reasons why they should be selected for the scholarship.

The best personal statements do not plead for money; instead, they describe strengths and achievements in an intimate and unique way, capitalizing on life experiences, which have molded students into worthy candidates. Good personal statements address the questions being asked and demonstrate that students know something about the scholarship for which they are applying. Also, remember that the appearance of the typed application can be as powerful as the content. Make sure that writing mechanics and spelling are correct.

When asking teachers and employers for letters of recommendation or online recommendations, it is a good policy to ask them if they feel they can give you a positive recommendation. If the teacher cannot recommend you enthusiastically, you should thank them for their honesty and ask someone else. Please allow teachers and counselors at least 5 days (even more is better) to complete your recommendations. Also, be sure to tell teachers what they need to do with your recommendation when they are finished writing it or how to log on and complete an online recommendation. You should provide your references with an addressed, stamped envelope if you want them to mail your recommendation.

Recommendations are considered confidential and students should not expect to see letters of recommendation unless the teacher or counselor agrees to give you a copy. If you are instructed to include your references with your application package, you should inform your references as you ask them to do the recommendation letter.


FAFSA Completion Day

Mrs. Luthi-Placke 

Another opportunity to complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be on January 8th. You and your parent with whom you reside need to apply for a FSA_ID prior to the meeting to be able to sign the completed document. You need to have the financial documents and information from the attached checklist with you at the time of your meeting. See Mrs. Luthi-Placke in the West Office to sign up for a time. We will have a bilingual representative of Education Quest as well as an English speaking representative that day. They can also help with questions you have if selected for verification. Be sure to check your college email for notices regarding verification or acceptance procedures for aid awards.


  • username and password for parent and for student
  • apply at (write them down and bring to appointment)
  • Parent and student 2016 federal tax returns and W-2’s
  • K-1 Form 1065 (for partnerships)
  • Parent/student value of checking/savings accounts and investments
  • Amount of untaxed income:  child support, workers compensation
  • Student’s driver’s license number
  • Social Security numbers for parents and student
  • Alien Registration Number of eligible non-citizens
  • Parents’ birth dates
  • Student’s birth date
  • Parent’s date of marriage, separation, or divorce


Seniors, complete your FAFSA


If you haven’t already, complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Need help? Use our free FAFSA Tools or call us to make an appointment for free help:

Omaha - 888.357.6300
Lincoln - 800.303.3745
Kearney - 800.666.3721
Scottsbluff - 800.303.3745, ext. 6654.


Search for scholarships


Omaha – 888.357.6300  Lincoln – 800.303.3745  Kearney – 800.666.3721

Use our free ScholarshipQuest tool to find Nebraska-based awards. You’ll also find links to national scholarship sites.



Mr. Woods

Class Flower:            Sunflower
Class Colors:            Silver and Maroon
Class Song:              "I'll Always Remember You" by Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana
Class Motto:              "Every ending is the beginning of something new"
Prom Theme:            Masquerade


Local Scholarships Available  

A listing of these local scholarships was presented to all seniors on December 5th during an assembly.

A good way to look at the scholarship offerings that students were shown is to think of them as buckets. Each of these “buckets” contain many scholarships however, they differ in how the students access them;

  • GISH’s Scholarship List
    • Students should read through the list to see what they qualify for.
    • Fill out a separate application for each scholarship the student qualifies for.
    • Quite a few require the GISH general scholarship application form; others have applications that are downloadable (also printed out and available in the East/West offices) and others are strictly online applications.
    • Students will need to read through carefully to see if they need to submit applications through the mail, to the East office or email/online. Some have to be post-marked by the due date and some have to be to the recipient by the due date. Please watch this carefully!
    • Double-check your spelling.
  • GIPS Foundation
    • The student creates a user id and answers questions
    • By answering these questions the student is filtering out what scholarships they don’t qualify for AND is filling out the individual applications all at once!
  • GI Community Foundation
    • The student creates a user id and answers questions
    • By answering these questions the student is creating a list of scholarships they are eligible for
    • The student then will need to fill out an application (found on the GI Community’s Foundation Web Site).
    • Designed to make it easier for students, once one application is filled out a student can copy/paste their information on the other applications.
  •  EducationQuest
    • EducationQuest has provided free college planning services since 1986.
    • ScholarshipQuest is their tool to find scholarships that students qualify for
    • Each scholarship the student qualifies for would then have to be filled out separately
  • The college/university of your choice
    • Check with the colleges/universities you are considering as most have scholarship opportunities


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