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Dear Parent/Guardian:


We want you to be aware that the Grand Island Public Schools have made many preparations to deal effectively with emergency situations that could occur in or around the school.  While we hope that a natural disaster or other serious incident never occurs, we want parents to understand that we have prepared a plan to deal with potential emergencies.  At all times, our first priority is the safety of all students and staff.

If an emergency occurs in a school, we have practiced the plan with first responders, staff and students so we will respond in an appropriate manner.  In the event of an emergency in a school building, we will announce how we want students and staff to respond using clear and concise common language directions:


1.  A LOCKOUT response will take place if there is a threat or hazard outside of a school    building.  Students and staff remain in the locked building.

2.  A LOCKDOWN response will take place if there is a threat or hazard inside a school building.  Students and staff will remain in locked classrooms.

3.  A SHELTER response will take place if there is a hazard and it is necessary for students and staff to protect themselves by sheltering in a designated area for severe weather or in a classroom during a hazardous event.

4.  An EVACUATION response will take place when an identified hazard makes it necessary to move students and staff out of the school building and to an assembly area or to another location.  In the event of an evacuation, we have made plans to conduct an early release or a student/parent reunification from a specific site.        

 We depend on you to support our emergency response efforts and your cooperation is vital.  If an emergency event takes place, we ask parents to do the following:

1.  Refrain from calling the school during an event.  Telephone communication with emergency personnel is essential during any emergency event.   

2.  We have a communication plan and we will communicate with you.  We will provide you with instructions if we conduct an early controlled release or if we need you to pick up your child at a specific site for a student/parent reunification.

3.  When emergency personnel respond to the school, it is important that parents stay away from the school while emergency personnel mitigate the situation.

 Grand Island Public Schools appreciate the cooperation of our community and we continually strive to do everything possible to keep our schools safe.  If you have any questions about this letter or other aspects of our safety procedures, please feel free to contact me.



Principal Jeff Gilbertson

Emergency Preparation (Spanish)

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