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Overdue Books
Books are overdue two weeks after original checkout date.  


Damaged Books
If a book is damaged, you will be responsible for its replacement or replacement cost.  Starting May 1st, if a book is damaged, your privilege to checkout any books is taken away until the damaged book is paid in full.


Lost Books
If a book is lost, your other books need to stay at school until the book is found or paid in full.  Starting May 1st, if a book is lost, your privilege to checkout other books is deferred until the book is found or paid in full. If the book is found after payment, money will be refunded in full, provided the book is not damaged.


Return Date for All Books
All books will need to be turned in to the Media Center two weeks before the last day of school.

Equipment Policy

The user is responsible for the care of all equipment and its return to the correct location.
Food and drink is not permitted around the equipment.
The user will wash their hands before using any equipment.
Equipment must be carried with two hands.
Desk space under equipment should be clear of all objects.
If equipment is damaged by the user arrangements will be made between the user and the school.