Student Wellness Center

School Based Health Centers are freestanding entities located on the school premises providing health care at a higher level than can be provided by a school nurse or other school staff. They now exist in over 1,300 schools in the United States. 

The Student Wellness Center, established in 1997 located on Lafayette Street (east side of Senior High, next to the School Nurse and Counseling Offices) is operated and staffed by The Physician Network, an affiliate of Saint Francis Medical Health Center.  Permission to use the Center must be granted in writing from the parent/guardian.  Parents are contacted prior to each use for approval.  The SWC is staffed by a Nurse Practictioner, Medical Assistant, and Mental Health Practioners/Drug and Alcohol Counselors.  The Wellness Center is a referral source for the school nurse, school counselors and administrators for those students needing services at a higher level of intervention. Parents can contact the Student Wellness Center directly by calling 384-2265. 

Student Wellness Center Consent Form  |  Spanish